Mia Malan

Knight International Journalism Fellow, South Africa

Mia Malan is a Knight International Health Fellow who helped build a corps of skilled health journalists in South Africa and improve the quality of health coverage at one of the country's most influential independent newspaper groups.

Malan is a television, radio and print journalist who has written regularly for South African newspapers including the Mail & Guardian for the past 12 years.

She has worked for Internews Network as a resident adviser in Kenya and as the senior health journalism adviser at Internews’ headquarters in Washington. In that capacity, Malan edited two journalism training manuals, wrote and edited journal articles on health journalism, recruited and managed trainers in five countries and assisted in monitoring and evaluating journalism projects.

She has conducted HIV media training in the Czech Republic, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Thailand. In Kenya, she led and managed the Kenya Local Voices Program that trained broadcast journalists in HIV/AIDS reporting. For the previous seven years, she was a reporter – rising to become the senior national health correspondent – for SABC Television and Radio in South Africa.

As a consultant, Malan produced and directed a 30-minute educational documentary in 2002 on TB and HIV/AIDS in South Africa for the CDC, South Africa and South African Department of Health.