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Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program 2015

**Application deadline: March 1, 2015**

**This application is for U.S. applicants ONLY.**


(begin with present position)

Briefly list any higher education degrees, institutions and dates.

Briefly describe any overseas work or travel, including all previous travel to Germany.

Please note: Applicants are not required to be proficient in the German language but those with German language proficiency sufficient enough to work as a journalist in a German newsroom are given preference. Please choose one of the following for each category below: none, beginner, proficient, fluent.

Briefly describe any special issues or topics you particularly wish to explore during this program.


There is a great deal of opportunity for individual initiative in this fellowship program, but there are several minimum expectations to which participants are asked to adhere. If you wish to be considered for this program, please read and acknowledge the agreement below.

If selected to be an Arthur F. Burns Fellow: I agree to foster and endorse the overall goals of the program, which are to increase awareness and knowledge of Germany and to promote closer and lasting personal contacts with my professional counterparts in Germany.

I understand that this is a professional training program in which work is required. If selected for this fellowship, while I am affiliated with a German news organization selected by the sponsors, I agree to work for approximately half of the time on news coverage for my home news organization. Furthermore, I agree to work and/or observe journalism practices in Germany for approximately half of the time at the host news organization, serving in effect, as a temporary staff member. If selected for a shorter Fellowship I agree to produce a major story or project for my home publication.

I understand that, although I may want to work in a particular region or city in Germany, my preferences will be considered but not guaranteed.

I agree to participate in a group orientation in Washington, D.C., beginning on July 28, 2015, prior to my departure for Germany.

I agree to provide, by November 1, 2015, a written report to the Fellowship administrators about my European experience.

I understand that the program administrators will provide me with a stipend in the amount of $4,000 for basic living expenses in Germany and a $1,200 travel allowance or travel voucher to cover my international and domestic program for the 9-week fellowship. Otherwise, if I opt for a shorter fellowship, I will receive a stipend proportional to the fellowship length.

In Germany, the traditional fellowship starts with intensive, two-week-long language training at Goethe Institutes in fellows’ host cities. Expenses will be covered and details will be made available after fellows have been selected.

Because the purpose of the program is to enhance understanding between journalists in the United States and Germany, all travel, personal and professional, undertaken during the fellowship time frame is restricted to Germany unless approval has been granted in advance by program administrators. I agree to state my qualifications accurately in the application process, particularly in regard to proficiency in the German language.


Mail your application package to The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship c/o International Center for Journalists. Please include SIX copies EACH of:

* A letter explaining why you should be selected for this fellowship. If applying for the traditional fellowship, please describe at least three story ideas that you will work on during your time in Germany. If applying for the shorter fellowship, please describe your major story idea or project.
* An up-to-date curriculum vitae
* Three samples of recent work as they appeared in print or were broadcast (If broadcast please provide six CDs in materials package.)
*A letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor.

*Freelancers must include letters from media outlets committed to publishing your stories from Germany.

*If applying for the shorter Fellowship, please include a letter from your home media stating that they agree to publish your major story or project.

Please provide all on white, 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Failure to follow these guidelines may mean you will not be considered for a Fellowship.

The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship, c/o International Center for Journalists, 2000 M Street, N.W., Suite 250; Washington, D.C. 20036; Tel: 202/737-3700; Fax: 202/737-0530; E-mail:

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