That Ad Sucked

Oct 32008

I just saw the worst television ad ever, for a soft drink called "Georgia." Following eight snappy and clever spots, the exception proved the rule.

Not only was it the worst ad I've ever seen, it may have been the only truly bad TV ad I've seen in Europe. Which agency produced this? Please speak up!

The voice-over was supposedly "Carl," a farmer in Georgia who was growing the fruit used to produce the citrus-flavored soft drink. Does any citrus fruit come out of Georgia? The only time I saw a lemon in Georgia, it was two meters wide and on the roof of a car that was parked on the street in front of an auto dealership, with a not-very-nice sign on top.

But back to the ad. Do any farmers in Georgia speak German? with a German accent? I don't think so.

Most European ads are clever, and usually intentionally so absurd that they're hilarious. When I buy the product, it's out of pure gratitude that someone made me laugh or smile. This one just had a hokey "I'm Bob and I made this with my own hands" kind of feel. And it sucked, because it wasn't Bob; it was Karl, and Karl doesn't even know where Georgia is. And Bauer Karl walks out to the citrus tree at the end of the commercial and picks a couple bottle off of the tree. That's stupid!

And the ad's tagline was "not too tart, not too sweet." That's something that pretty much any bottler would like to say about its drink. Stupid!

Following eight snappy and clever spots, the exception proved the rule. I see stupid ads like this all the time in American television. Tonight was the first time in six weeks I've seen anything so bad.

Okay, now back to my beer and the documentary about how several diverse mammalian species gestate and give birth...