• Apr 92009

    Local journalism: the challenge in Bolivia

    In a recent workshop about journalism, organized by a consortium of universities in Santa Cruz, the brasilian Osman Patzzi, member of the ONADEM -the National Media Observatory-, concluded that local journalism that involves the community, and that talks about its problems, is the future solution for the current crisis that the sector is living due to the impact of digital tools and the world financial difficulties.

    Although I had already visited some of them, this last weekend I held my first workshop after several weeks preparing suitable material to answer real journalistic problems, not

  • Mar 172009

    Journalism in Bolivia

    Greetings from Santa Cruz, Bolivia! The carnival is over and routine has come back to the capital of the eastern part of the country. Santa Cruz was paralised for one week, with thousands of people in the street drinking, throwing water and painting the walls, dancing with loud music... It was really crazy.Today starts a very interesting workshop organised by the ABOCCS, the association that integrates the main university graduates in communication, in Santa Cruz.

  • Feb 112009

    First weeks in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    It has been already three weeks!! I arrived to Bolivia with my family the 16th of january to work with the ICFJ implementing a digital platform that will entitle the journalists from rural areas to share their contents and stories. My partner in Santa Cruz will be Radio Fides, a networks of stations owned by the jesuitic company and considered to be one of the most serious and balanced in a country torn by a fierce political struggle between the capital, La Paz, and the capital of the eastern part, Santa Cruz.