• Aug 142013

    Citizen Journalism Gives the People of the Niger Delta a Voice

    Somewhere far from the capital city, far from most newsrooms, and, for that matter, most news consumers, a dilapidated hospital stops functioning. Maybe it happened because the faltering power system failed, or maybe the unpaid staff members finally quit. Either way, the result is the same: people in a remote place just lost their access to healthcare.

    In the city, people start noticing when the lines at the local health facility grow longer with people from the countryside who have come because they have nowhere to go for treatment back home.

  • Mar 112013

    How a Journalist and Technologist Collaborated to Improve Maps for News

    In the current news environment, journalists and developers are increasingly calling upon and benefiting from one another's skills and expertise.

    The nearly one-year-old InfoAmazonia is a product of such a partnership–and a testament to the power of collaboration.

  • Mar 72013

    How to Overcome the Lack of Health Coverage in Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, where journalists usually vie to cover the economy, crime and entertainment, a new collective of 100 journalists and communicators is shining a spotlight on an often-neglected beat: health.

    Ethiopia’s first organization of health journalists, the Addis Ababa Health Journalists Initiative, formed last month with the goal of boosting the quality and breadth of health coverage in the country.