• Jul 302010

    A Unique Gathering of Fellows

    Kampala, Uganda -- When nine Knight Fellows gathered in Kampala recently, most found the meeting to be a rare and welcome chance to spend time and exchange ideas with a group of peers.The nine are all on similar missions in newsrooms across Sub-Saharan Africa – to improve and expand coverage of either health or poverty at the organizations where they work as coaches, trainers and mentors. It can be a lonely mission. By definition, the Fellow is a unique presence in a newsroom.

  • Jul 262010

    Delivering the Goods: Overview of the Marketing and Product Development Process

    Start-ups often grow organically and often need a little guidance on growth and development.

  • Jul 242010

    Mobile phone technology meets citizen journalism

    When my health-journalism fellowship began two and a half years ago, I dreamed about finding the “killer app” for mobile telephones that would revolutionize journalism in Africa.

    I didn’t make much headway, and the dream came to look like a wild fantasy. But today, 26-year old Lydia Namubiru is engineering the kind of leap forward I once dreamed would be my claim to fame.

    The diminutive Ugandan was working as a features writer for the New Vision newspaper when I arrived in her country at the beginning of 2008.

  • Jul 242010

    International Media Institute of India Opens Its Doors

    As we start the school year with our very first group of students, a reminder of what we are all about: The only certainty in journalism today is that the news business is changing and journalists must change with it.

  • Jul 232010

    Southeast Asian Media Legal Defense Network Launches in Kuala Lumpur

    SEAMLDN officially launches regional network to support the legal defense of media freedom in Southeast Asia.

    Media controls are a complicated business.  We are all aware of the overt control exerted over the media in markets where the media is owned or “affiliated” with the government or where access to the Internet is filtered through a firewall.  But, in markets across Asia less overt but equally effective techniques are used to keep the media under control or out of the picture.  These techniques often take the form of legal or administrative barriers to operations.

    In th

  • Jul 232010

    Knight Fellow Jody McPhillips on Launching India Media Institute

    A quick note on how the opening of the International Media Institute went. In a word, great!

  • Jul 232010

    Covering Terrorism with Limited Resources

    Kampala, Uganda -- This week, nine Knight Fellows gathered in Kampala, Uganda for a first-of-its-kind meeting to share ideas and work toward building networks of journalists across Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Jul 222010

    Ideas para aumentar el Voz a Voz de un medio digital

    Un medio es parecido a un restaurante u otra empresa que busca atraer a una afluencia de clientes o usuarios.

    Un mercadólogo que cree en el poder de referenciadores usa un método sencillo para escoger un restaurante en la carretera.

    Para él los referenciadores son los camioneros. Escoge un restaurante donde hay muchos camiones estacionados porque se supone que los conductores son los expertos de la comida en la carretera.

  • Jul 222010

    Para periodistas independientes, 10 consejos para vender publicidad y patrocinios

    Después de 20 años como editor y reportero, no estaba preparado para hacer ventas. No para nada. Pero debía aprender cuando asumí el rol de director general de the Baltimore Business Journal hace 15 años.
    Para un periodista comprometido, esta transformación a vendedor o mercadólogo no es fácil, y la parte de ventas es la más difícil. Muchos periodistas que han lanzado sus propios medios digitales están buscando cómo hacerlo.

    Por lo tanto, algunos aprendizajes de 11 años en ese rol:


  • Jul 222010

    Former Knight Fellow Karen Krebsbach

    The Knight International staff learned today that 1996 Knight International Journalism Fellow Karen Krebsbach passed away. Ms. Krebsbach was a Knight Fellow in Bolivia. Her obituary is below and our condolences go out to her friends and family.

    Karen Krebsbach, former executive editor at U.S. Banker, dies at 52 Karen Krebsbach, a reporter and editor who covered banking, investment and international business and managed a number of publications that won awards for editorial and design excellence, died at Calvary Hospital in New York City on Sunday, July 11. She was 52.