• Mar 182009

    The Elephant in the Room Illustrates the Story of an Epidemic

    LUSAKA, ZAMBIA — "If you live on a small farm, as I do, your last prayer at night is that an elephant won't find your maize field," Dr. Mannasseh Phiri told an audience of African health journalists today. "It will wipe it out."

    Phiri is a quietly compelling speaker and so he had the audience's attention as he went on to describe the feeding habits of elephants.

    With small snouts and small mouths, they can only take in a little at a time, so they eat all day long. And as they search for food, they walk quietly; they don't run.

  • Mar 182009

    Media in Bangladesh

    The media in Bangladesh is vibrant and especially the television industry, which is fast emerging. At this time, it is important to initiate professional training to develop professionals to compete with the world standard quality of journalism. Though women's participation in broadcasting journalism is still very low, it is necessary to open and provide opportunities for them so that they are able to take a significant part in Bangladesh’s development.

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  • Mar 182009

    Knight Fellow visits Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Kenya

    Editors Note: Rachel Jones visits Maai Mahiu Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Kenya.When I agreed to accompany Nairobi Star Reporter Wacui Makori to the Maai Mahiu Internally Displaced Persons Camp, the date of our journey didn’t register initially. But waking up on the morning of Friday, March 13th, the irony hit me right between the eyes.

    My first trip to an IDP camp occurred on July 7, 2007—7/7/07, which was considered a “lucky” day around the world.

  • Mar 182009

    Finally in South Africa!

    Editors Note: Fellow Mia Malan returns to South Africa.

    I’ve been back in Johannesburg for a month now – after an absence of six years in Kenya and the US. So I’m seeing my country through a new set of eyes - mostly because I’ve got more to compare it to than before I left. Many people are negative, which I can understand to some extent – dealing with a constant climate of crime and corruption can be exhausting. But mostly, I see positive changes in South Africa - at least so far.
  • Mar 172009

    Periodista mulitmedia da una serie de tips para publicar en la Web

    En un taller auspiciado por AT&T y la embajada de EEUU, 21 periodistas de 12 países aprenden cómo hacer un periodismo efectivo de servicio público. Hilda García, editora para El Universal en México, dio una serie de tips sobre cómo hacer periodismo multimedia durante un taller del Centro de Periodismo Digital.

    Multimedia cambia la redacción y elimina el estilo autoritario

    • Periodistas deben colaborar en grupos horizontales para producir reportajes multimedia, señala García.
  • Mar 172009

    Check out our Website's new features; nominate a colleague for the Knight International Journalism Award

    The Knight International team has revamped the Fellowship program's website. The home page has been streamlined and we have great new features including new pages with descriptions of the Fellowship projects. Also, we are soliciting nominations for the 2009 Knight International Journalism Awards.

  • Mar 172009

    Journalism in Bolivia

    Greetings from Santa Cruz, Bolivia! The carnival is over and routine has come back to the capital of the eastern part of the country. Santa Cruz was paralised for one week, with thousands of people in the street drinking, throwing water and painting the walls, dancing with loud music... It was really crazy.Today starts a very interesting workshop organised by the ABOCCS, the association that integrates the main university graduates in communication, in Santa Cruz.

  • Mar 172009

    Power Outages Cripple Businesses Including Public Agenda, Newspaper Reports on the Issue

    Since the beginning of the year, several communities in Accra have been experiencing major power outages as well as water shortages. What it means is that the power will go out for hours, crippling some businesses, like Public Agenda. When the power's out we sit around and talk politics and journalism; some people use it as a time to take a walk or go get the standard lunch -- rice and some sort of meat or fish in a sauce made with plenty of palm oil or, if it's Wednesday, fufu with meat or fish (it's heavier food and it keeps the reporters full on production nights).

  • Mar 172009

    Partner Organization Wins Ghana National Honorary Award for "The Best In Print Media"

    Early into our partnership with Public Agenda, which bills itself as "Ghana's only advocacy and development newspaper," the publication received an award from the Ghana National Honorary Awards Hall of Fame for being "the best print media" in the promotion of peace during and after the 2008 presidential elections.  CACG said the newspaper won because of its "independent news presentation and analysis, effective monitoring and supervision of electoral activities before, during and after the 2008 elections towards ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections."

  • Mar 162009

    Internet ya ha derrotado a la prensa impresa, pero los periodistas tienen buen futuro

    En una entrevista ligada a mi presentación en el Congreso de Periodismo Digital en Huesca, España, observé que los periodistas todavía agregan valor a la conversación mediática.