• Jul 222010

    Journalism and new media technology collide at Knight Fellows meeting

    Kampala, Uganda – A spontaneous exchange today shows how important it has been to bring together our Knight Fellows working across Africa. Justin Arenstein is a digital media expert from South Africa who just completed a Knight Fellowship at Stanford University and is now going to help our Africa fellows incorporate new ideas in mobile technology and citizen journalism into their projects. Their work is improving coverage of health and poverty issues across the continent.

  • Jul 222010

    Knight International Health and Development Fellows gather for first time in Uganda

    Kampala, Uganda: Gathering our Knight Fellows working in Africa to share successes and frustrations has been inspiring.They have started (or are on a path to start) health journalists’ associations. They have launched new newspaper sections on agriculture and new radio shows on poverty-related issues. They have guided journalists in producing reports that averted polio and measles epidemics and brought desperately needed funding for hospitals and irrigation systems.

  • Jul 222010

    Ugandan journalist dedicated to covering health care

    Kampala, Uganda: Being able to help Trephine Anecho – and thousands of journalists like her around the world – is the reason I love this job. I had heard about Trephine a couple of years ago from our Knight International Journalism Fellow in Uganda, Chris Conte. She had written a heart-wrenching column about how a radio story she did had the unintended consequence of putting rural women in danger of being beaten by their husbands.

  • Jul 212010

    Ideas para aumentar el Voz a Voz de un medio digital

    Un mercadólogo que cree en el poder de referenciadores usa un método sencillo para escoger un restaurante en la carretera.

    Para él los referenciadores son los camioneros. Escoge un restaurante donde hay muchos camiones estacionados porque se supone que los conductores son los expertos de la comida en la carretera.

  • Jul 202010

    Before the last lesson

    We are now going to the final week of lessons offered to a group of citizen journalists from peripheral areas of São Paulo, that have become the first wave of trainees of the "Mural" project.

  • Jul 192010

    Business Models and OpenWebAsia 2010

    Looking at new business and funding models for independent online media at the annual OpenWebAsia conference held July 13th and 14th in Kuala Lumpur.

    Looking for more background on developing sustainable business models for the independent online media in the region, I attended the Open Web Asia conference that was held in Kuala Lumpur this past week.  This is a semi-regular event last held in Seoul in 2008.  This year’s event was sponsored by the Multimedia Development Corporation MDeC a branch of the Malaysian government responsible for the

  • Jul 132010

    Tinker tailor soldier spy, where does my future lie?

    We are pursuing a great story: More than a hundred teen girls are having fainting spells in a school outside Maputo. The community says ancestors are upset and rituals need to be performed. The Ministry of Health says it is collective hysteria.

    A young journalist that I coach is covering this story.  After a press conference at the Ministry of Health, we go for coffee to discuss story angles, ways of asking questions and of taking notes (he takes notes verbatim and slowly, and admires my arrows, bullets and shortcuts, capturing best quotes as they are spoken).

  • Jul 122010

    Southeast Asia and Malaysia Media Basics

    A short primer on the Southeast Asian media market with particular focus on digital media and on the Malaysian context. When you work with a media company, especially when you are outside of your home market, you have to start with some very basic grounding in the market.  What works today?  What doesn't?  What are your hypotheses for why the market has reached this particular point in its evolution?

  • Jul 112010

    Periodistas de La Estrella abren sus cuentas en Twitter

    Reporteros del diario La Estrella, uno de los periódicos más antiguos de América Latina, discutieron los retos del periodismo en la era digital y abrieron por primera vez sus cuentas de Twitter en la sesión de entrenamiento con el Knight Fellow.PANAMÁ -- Reporteros del diario La Estrella, uno de los periódicos más antiguos de América Latina, abrieron por primera vez sus cuentas de Twitter en la sesión de entrenamiento que están llevando conmigo, en mi condición de Knight fellow del Knight International Fellowships Programs.

    Cada uno de esos report

  • Jul 102010

    Endless Possibilities of the New Media

    Editors Note: Ghana's Sylvia Vollenhoven attends Knight Foundations/MIT COnference on the Future of News and Civic Media 2010.

    My career started on the media timeline with yellow copy paper in triplicate and an Olivetti typewriter. In my son’s book this era followed shortly after the Gutenberg Bible. I am now at a place where the possibilities stretch into infinity and I’m not sure my head can hold it all or that we’re still talking linear progress here.