• Oct 162010

    SLBC’s First Permanent Staff

    For far too long, SLBC has operated under interim management. The appointment of Gbanabom and S.B., as they preferred to be called, is a culmination of a large number of events, negotiations, processes and procedures. It’s been a long road and we’re just starting our journey…

    On October 1, 2010, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation bid farewell to its “Acting Director General” and “Acting Deputy Director General,” Patrick Tarawalli and Mohamed Samura, respectively.

  • Oct 152010

    Cobertura segura II: prácticas para evitar el peligro

    En este video el periodista y consultor Darío Dávila ofrece algunos consejos puntuales para los periodistas que trabajan en situaciones de alto riesgo.

    Unos 40 periodistas mexicanos tomaron un curso de cuatro semanas en línea con el Centro de Periodismo Digital en Guadalajara y después 14 de ellos se reunieron en la Ciudad de México para un curso presencial.

    Los participantes crearon un blog para compartir los aprendizajes con todos los colegas mexicano

  • Oct 142010

    Mi Panamá Transparente fue relanzado por los medios y la sociedad civil de Panamá

    El sitio fue relanzado este miércoles 13 de octubre en la ciudad de Panamá. La denuncias ciudadanas comenzaron a llegar de inmediato.

    PANAMÁ -- El mapa digital para registrar incidentes de crímenes y corrupción comenzó a recibir más denuncias ciudadanas, después de haber sido relanzado en Panamá.
  • Oct 82010

    Citizen Journalism in Uganda

    Cradling a dead baby in her arms, a girl weeps as she walks alone down a dirt road in eastern Uganda.

    About a year earlier, she learned she was pregnant. She turned to the baby’s father and his family for help and support, but they denied responsibility. Then, her own family spurned her. Though still a child herself, she had no choice but to leave her village and fend for herself. Six months later, she returned with the child, who had been born but subsequently died. She needed to find a place to bury him. But again the father, his family and her own family rejected her.

  • Oct 62010

    Rock-a-bye Baby… at the polling booth?

    Peru’s mandatory voting law has some frustrating, and unexpected results during the recent regional and municipal elections.

  • Oct 52010

    亚洲中国新媒体研讨会 / Asia China New Media Conference

    Over the past weekend (2-3 October 2010) in Kuala Lumpur a conference featuring over 100 active participants in new media gathered in Kuala Lumpur to share local media dynamics, their views on freedom of the press and individual expression and the impacts of new and social media on their work.

    The Asia China New Media Conference, hosted by MalaysiaKini’s Chinese Service and sponsored by Open Society Institute and the University of Hong Kong’s Center for Journalism and Media Studies, gathered over one hundred journalists, bloggers and academics to discuss the current state of new

  • Oct 22010

    Check Out Some of the Great Work our Fellows are Doing!

    Talk about a tough assignment: I get to write about our fellows, who are doing great work in the name of journalism around the world. The toughest part? Deciding on just a few to highlight each time! As a web writer and video producer for ICFJ, I get to write about all the great things our fellows are doing to improve and promote journalism around the world.

  • Oct 22010

    Investigative Journalism is Back in the Arab World

    It’s been almost two months since I took up the Knight Fellowship and six investigative journalism units in Egypt, Jordan and the West Bank are up and running.

    Training for both broadcast and print journalists at several different media outlets has been completed, and investigations are underway in the areas of stock exchange corruption, road accidents and even business by some influential business men who are also prominent politicians.

    In Jordan, Farah Al-Nas Radio has completed an investigation on child alcohol consumption in a Jordanian border region.

  • Sep 302010

    The ''opposition party''

    Editor's Note: Knight Fellow Bruno Garcez discusses the upcoming Brazilian Presidential Elections.

    The elections this Sunday, the 3rd, in Brazil, until very recently seemed to be heading to a very predictable outcome

    The three main Presidential contenders lack the charisma of the current incumbent, Mr.

  • Sep 292010

    Haiti’s Challenge: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

    When the sky turned black and the rain started to fall last Friday afternoon, I took refuge in a shelter enclosed by glass on two sides. I watched as the first tree that fell bounced off the roof of the shelter, and then crashed onto the parking spot next to my car. Seconds later another tree fell, and the wind continued to sing like a tortured soul as branches hurled around me.

    All I could think about was the camps. The camps. At least I had a secure roof over my head, one that had survived the quake.