• Feb 122009

    On My Way to Zambia

    When I started writing about the public health in Palm Beach County, Florida, five years ago, I didn’t imagine that what I learned would lead me to AIDS conferences in Australia and Mexico, to prisons and brothels in the Caribbean, and now, to Zambia where I will spend the next year working with health journalists.

  • Feb 112009

    Following the Election in Ghana: Media Gearing Up to Write About New Administration

    A little over a month after Ghana inaugurated it's new president, John Evans Atta Mills, newspapers are gearing up to write about the new administration's proposed budget and are being aggressive at writing about the vetting of the ministers (Minister of Finance, for example) being recommended by the Mills' administration.

    Ghanaians, and indeed neighboring countries, are still praising the success of the country's election process.

    Ghana's reporters were diligent in reporting on the candidates -- their personalities, rallies and alliances -- but did a less stellar job in

  • Feb 112009

    First weeks in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    It has been already three weeks!! I arrived to Bolivia with my family the 16th of january to work with the ICFJ implementing a digital platform that will entitle the journalists from rural areas to share their contents and stories. My partner in Santa Cruz will be Radio Fides, a networks of stations owned by the jesuitic company and considered to be one of the most serious and balanced in a country torn by a fierce political struggle between the capital, La Paz, and the capital of the eastern part, Santa Cruz.

  • Feb 62009

    Meeting Media Leaders in the Philippines

    Thanks to my hosts at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, I had the opportunity to meet leading members of the vibrant media community during my three-day visit to Manila. Thanks to my hosts at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, I had the chance to meet leading members of the vibrant media community during my three-day visit to Manila.

  • Jan 292009

    Explosion rocks newspaper office -- and a journalist's instinct kicks in

    Editors Note: Fire in downtown Nairobi causes scare.The first time the lights went out during this morning’s news meeting, it was just a minor annoyance. Ditto the second time. After all, at Nation Media Group headquarters in the heart of downtown Nairobi, you can expect a powerful generator to kick in quickly whenever there’s a power outage. It’s already happened several times during my six-month tenure as a Knight Health Journalism Fellow based at the Nation Centre.

  • Jan 292009


    La fundación inició sus actividades el 17 de octubre de 2008 con la tarea de promover, propagar, ensanchar, proteger, estimular y fundamentar la libertad de expresión en un tiempo signado por violentos ataques desde distintos sectores de la sociedad. La fundación está integrada por referentes de la vida cultural, política, social, económica, periodística de la sociedad mexicana. Su presidente es Armando Prida y un consejo consultivo apoya la tarea del  mismo.

  • Jan 282009

    Seeking new ideas in Asia

    For 12 days starting March 31, I will be in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to meet journalists and media development experts. During that time, we will discuss how media and journalists are weathering the global economic crisis. Despite the tough conditions for businesses around the world, this is not the time to curtail assistance to media and journalists. In fact, this is the best time to provide support and training that give journalists the ability to adjust to rapid changes in the industry.

  • Jan 282009


    Workshops with journalists from Puebla and Tlaxcala showed how unkonown is the law passed six years ago to give more access on public information.Los talleres han mostrado la necesidad de trabajar mucho mas en el area de formacion de los recursos humanos en el periodismo de Mexico. La ley que constituye un importante instrumento puede ser un valioso recurso para elevar la calidad el periodismo en Mexico a pesar de los temores en los que se desenvuelve la profesion de periodista en este pais.

  • Jan 282009


    There is a sense of failure among Latin American people on fighting corruption. This article was published in the January magazine "Transparencia y corrupcion" in Mexico City and points out the idea that using freedom of expression as a tool could be successful.

    Uno de los muchos sinónimos de la corrupción es el concepto de “echar a perder”, expresión que delata algo construido en común o una idea que no pudo concretarse para beneficio colectivo.