International Media Institute of India Opens Its Doors

Jul 242010
  • Students work on writing, editing and multimedia skills.

As we start the school year with our very first group of students, a reminder of what we are all about: The only certainty in journalism today is that the news business is changing and journalists must change with it. Newspapers are morphing into websites, 24-hour news channels layer their screens with words and graphics and increasingly people get hourly news updates on their mobile phones. At the International Media Institute of India, we believe in breaking down barriers between the different media platforms. IMII doesn’t offer students the choice of a newspaper track, a radio track, a web or a TV track. We teach true multimedia storytelling, ensuring that our graduates will have the necessary technical skills to use words, sound and images to tell each story in the best, most compelling way. IMII students will start each day in a classroom that runs like a working newsroom. They will fan out across the National Capital Region to report and produce stories under the guidance of professional journalists from India and abroad.They will learn to meet deadlines. They will learn to produce professional-quality work. And they will learn the necessity of meeting high ethical standards, not just in school but in life. IMII is the brainchild of a group of Indian editors working with American journalism organizations and foundations to give Indian students the practical skills to cover the world today—and tomorrow.