Medcom -- Telemetro promotes Mi Panama Transparente

Mar 72011

Rafael Candanedo, Vice President of the Forum of Journalists for Freedom of Expression and Information, made a presentation on Mi Panama Transparente in an interview in Telemetro Reporta, a very popular morning TV news show in Panama.

During the interview, Aracellys Leoteau, Telemetro Reporta's anchor said that Mi Panama Transparente is a program not only for citizens to send reports about crime and corruption, but also for journalists to play a role of social change.

Leoteau make reference to Panamanian journalists involved in producing stories based on the citizen reports as a way to help in the process of improving public policies.

Candanedo said he was proud that this program was initiated in his country, where there are a lot of challenges to freedom of expression, like the repatriation of an Spaniard journalist who was protesting a demonstration against a new law to promote foreign mining companies in Panama.

He also invited invited all citizens to send reports of crime and corruption filling via the website or sending a text message to the 5638 short code. Crime reports are being sent to the National Police and a number of journalists are doing investigations based on that reports.

Leoteau asked about the training of journalists. Candanedo said that the program has included training sessions all over Panama. "We have been from Colon to Bocas del Toro [...], journalists are so excited about the program". She also said that Mi Panama Transparente has attracted international attention by a long CNN interview with the program's coordinator.

Telemetro Reporta, a TV news show broadcasted nationally, is part of Medcom corporation, one of the two biggest broadcasting networks in Panama.