Out With the Old and In With the New

Oct 222010

A much-needed cleanup day did more than clear the dust at SLBC. It became symbolic of the change from stale, state-run facility to the nation’s first ever public broadcasting network. The “rescue team” of thirty-five active, young volunteers – men and women – clambered out of the poda-podas (converted mini-vans) sporting white t-shirts that read, “Support SLBC” early last Saturday morning. Armed with brooms, dustpans, shovels and enthusiasm, their tools were put to good use in SLBC’s first ever “clean-and-tidy.” And, this “big sweep” was long overdue.

Gbanabom Hollowell, SLBC’s first permanent Director General, organized a cleaning tour de force with local NGO “Big Brotha/Big Sista” to unload, unpack, route out and sweep, tidy and get rid of the years of accumulated junk that has lain dormant for up to thirty years in the hallowed halls, unused store rooms, dilapidated studios and crowded offices of SLBC.

The dust flew. Unused, locked doors were burst open. Dark, dilapidated darkrooms were flooded with light. Years of decay were peeled back… revealing hundreds of broken televisions, fractured freezers, scrapped tech-junk, speakers with missing parts, crates, equipment shells, broken cameras, inoperative mixers, failed wiring and tons of scrap… junk… clutter… garbage… litter and waste!

It’s a new era at SLBC. This clean up will hopefully symbolize a newfound attitude. SLBC will no longer be a depository for waste and stale thinking. It’s time for freshness – in thinking, programming, staffing, journalism and professionalism. Out with the old and in with the new.