• Apr 152010


    We're now a few days away from the start of the The Digital Tools for Public Service Journalism course. Monday, the 19th of May, marks its beginning.

    A total of 42 applicants were selected to take part of these three weeks of online training.

    They have a diversified profile. Altogether, 18 of the selected candidates are professionals from the country's media outlets, either newspapers, magazines or websites.

    But we've also chosen a good number of citizen journalists and of reporters working for smaller news outlets: a total of 10.

  • Apr 112010

    “El futuro del periodismo queda en manos de los periodistas”

    La Coordinadora de Proyectos del Consejo de Redacción en Colombia, Miriam Forero, habló con el becario Knight James Breiner a propósito del taller “Cómo fundar y manejar su propio medio digital”, que dictará a periodistas convocados por el CdR.

    CdR: Hace poco en Colombia los dueños de la revista Cambio, reconocida por su enfoque investigativo, cerraron la publicación y un buen grupo de periodistas quedó sin empleo repentinamente. Así mismo, hemos visto fuertes recortes en las redacciones de otros medios.

  • Apr 82010

    Digital tools for Public Service Journalism...almost there

    We've just concluded the third and final unit of the AT&T course, it's still going to be reviewed. But now we're almost there. This friday marks the deadline of the applications for the course.

  • Apr 82010

    Digital Tools For Public Service Journalism...Almost There

    We did it...but actually, not yet. It was very tiring, we had some very long days of work, consumed a good deal of coffee and didn't have that much of sleep in the last few weeks, but I hope it will have been worth it.

    We've nearly concluded the very last Unit of the AT&T sponsored course Digital Tools for Public Service Journalism. Right now, we are only going to correct whatever bits need to be changed and then we should be ready to roll.

    We have, so far, received 75 applications of candidates with a somewhat diversified profile.

    But, no, it is far from over.

  • Mar 232010

    Big changes, but everything still the same

    Editors Note: Zarina Geloo returns to the Times of Zambia sixteen years later.

    Everything seems to have changed since I was last the Times of Zambia, it was a little unnerving, but I realised very quickly that actually, things are still the same.

  • Mar 152010

    Hot, humid and deathly

    Editors Note: You don't have to go very far to find health stories in Maputo...just listen in the newsroom.

    The health page was laid out late last week. I had a headache so I went home around 7 pm to lie down. Around 9:30 the editor called: our turn for layout. I hopped on a taxi and dashed to Savana, It was unbearably hot and humid. The newsroom is in the basement of an old house. The sub was sitting on the steps to the garden.

  • Mar 22010

    Mexican journalism student, 20, makes his mark

    Jorge Tirzo helped teach a class of veteran journalists about how to make use of a blog.

    Jorge Tirzo, a 20-year-old journalism student at the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico, has managed to make a name for himself online.

    In the photo above, he is showing a class of professional journalists the website that he and a group of fellow students launched, Revista Trecho.

  • Feb 252010

    News On the Public Service Journalism Course

    Now, it's a duo.

    The journalist Fabiano Angélico has joined our ranks to be the assistant trainer for the Digital Tools for Public Service Journalism course, sponsored by AT&T, and offered by the ICFJ with the support of our partner Abraji, here in Brazil, in the months of April (online part) and May (in-presence activities).

    Fabiano brings the best of both worlds.

  • Feb 202010

    Periodismo emprendedor: hacia medios independientes

    A los medios de América Latina frecuentemente les falta un abanico de fuentes de ingresos. Son vulnerables a las amenazas de los gobiernos, que podrían ser anunciantes importantes, o de las empresas que publicitan en el medio.

    Cuando yo era editor de un periódico económico, aprendí de primera mano la importancia de una fuerte base financiera para mantener la independencia periodística.

    Publicamos una nota que molestó al gobernador del estado y a los directivos de un banco. En ella revelamos que el banco proponía que el estado le rescatara de un proyecto inmobiliario fallido.

  • Feb 202010

    Periodistas de EEUU crean ecosistema de medios digitales

    Knight Digital Media Center acaba de publicar un listado de nuevos medios digitales fundados por periodistas profesionales. Por eso, el fracaso de los grandes medios no representa la muerte del periodismo.