• Aug 202008

    América Latina es campo de batalla para redes sociales

    Los ejecutivos de los medios tradicionales están dándose cuenta, cada vez más, de la oportunidad de extender sus marcas y potencial mediático a través de las redes sociales.

  • Aug 202008

    Latinoamericanos aumentan compras por Intenet en 40%

    La tasa de migración al Internet para hacer compras tiene implicaciones importantes para los medios tradicionales.

    Los latinoamericanos aumentaron sus compras por Internet en un 40% en 2007, y se prevé un incremento de 47% en 2008, de acuerdo con una investigación realizada por la revista “América Economia”.
  • Aug 202008

    El Centro de Periodismo Digital se lanza en Guadalajara

    El Centro de Periodismo Digital ofrecerá una variedad de oportunidades de aprendizaje, como talleres presenciales y capacitación en línea para periodistas profesionales y periodistas ciudadanos. El Centro de Periodismo Digital en la Universidad de Guadalajara será un extenso centro regional para capacitar a periodistas de América Latina y periodistas hispanos de EE.UU.

  • Aug 192008

    YouTube tutorial en español

    Un colega me envió esta presentación preparada por Karina Crespo de Argentina. Ella ha creado un manual para el uso de YouTube que podría ser muy útil para los periodistas que quieren comenzar en el uso de video.

    Me gustó por su diseño muy sencillo y elegante.

    A los periodistas que les faltan recursos para ospedar los videos en su propio sitio, YouTube podría ser la solución.

    YouTube tutorial en español

  • Aug 72008

    Young Azerbaijanis enthusiastic about starting to blog

    Young Azerbaijanis learning how to use blogs as one form of modern journalism.

    The 14 young Azerbaijanis who crowded into the Sheki computer center on Aug. 5 weren’t focused on building democracy, but the training they received from the ICFJ is leading in that direction. In one day, the students created both individual blog sites and a site for their collective blog.

  • May 292008

    Green to Greenbacks: Covering the Business of Climate Change

    Climate change is not all about looming disasters. It's also about business: There's money to be made in helping fight the effects of climate change under programs known as clean development mechanism. Just one element, carbon markets, generated trades worth $64 billion (or about Rs 2,560 billion). The Energy Resources Institute and the Knight International Journalism Fellowships Program of the International Center for Journalists organized a seminar for business and environment reporters and editors on this complex subject.

  • May 12008

    What difference can a newsletter make?

    What difference can a newsletter make? Quite a bit, judging from the launch of a modest new publication in Uganda. Designed to serve health journalists, the “Uganda Health Reporter” is making a bid to help spearhead diverse training programs and become a rallying point for professional development.

    “The first step is always the hardest.”

  • Mar 42008

    Knight Fellowship Orientation

    Five new journalism fellows from all over the world have arrived in Washington, D.C. for orientation before our April departures to Mexico, Liberia, South Africa, Pakistan and the Balkans. As the fellow who will be leaving for South Africa in mid-April, I am very excited about the possibilities.

    Five new journalism fellows from all over the world have arrived in Washington, D.C. for orientation before our April departures to Mexico, Liberia, South Africa, Pakistan and the Balkans.

  • Mar 22008

    Of Demons and Public Health

    Editors Note: A group of journalists set out to investigate reports of demons in rural Uganda, but they ended up learning a few things about public health.

    As I sped down a narrow dirt road enveloped in a cloud of dust in Hoima District, Uganda, I must admit I wondered what in the world I was doing. I had begun a stint as a Knight health journalism fellow three weeks earlier, but here I was with a reporter and photographer from New Vision, Uganda’s largest newspaper, bouncing toward the isolated village of Kiziranfumbi about three hours west of Kampala.

  • Feb 222008

    What the media needs to better cover climate change

    Journalists at the Editors' Consultation on Climate Change in New Delhi on Feb. 9. The journalists at a recent round table that brought them face to face with key leaders who shape global climate change policies discussed the problems they face covering the issues and suggested ways to help them better cover the beat.

    At the Editors’ Consultation, organized by ICFJ's Knight International Journalism Fellowships and The Energy and Resources Institute in New Delhi on Feb.