The Zapatazo, or Big Shoe Incident, in a Mexican cartoon

Dec 202008

Trino is one of Mexico´s best cartoonist, and his take on the Shoe Incident was quite funny.

In Latin America the shoe-throwing incident is called the Zapatazo, literally The Big Shoe incident.

My favorite comic strip, Tales of Cops and Robbers, starts every day with a seedy looking crook pulling out a gun and saying, “This is a robbery.”

But the day after the shoe-throwing incident in Iraq, the robber shows up demanding money and the teller says, Well you don´t have a gun, I´ll have to speak to the manager.  The manager says, Our policy is not to hand over money unless the person has a gun.

Whereupon a shoe flies at the manager´s head, then another.

They hand over the money, and the robber is back home with his buddy, who asks, Where are your shoes.  To which he replies, Let´s just call them my weapons of mass destruction.

Trino´s weirdly funny  official site is here.