The International Center for Journalists runs practical, hands-on programs and events for journalists around the world. From courses and workshops on the latest digital trends, to conferences that gather top international journalists to discuss important issues, there are a range of ways for journalists to get involved.

  • 04/30/2017

    Each year three to six outstanding media professionals from the United States and Austria are awarded an opportunity to report from and travel in each other's countries as part of the U.S.-Austrian Journalism Exchange Fellowships. The program offers young print and broadcast journalists from each country the opportunity to share professional expertise with their colleagues across the Atlantic while working as "foreign correspondents" for their hometown news organizations. The program aims to foster greater understanding and knowledge of both countries among future media leaders and their audiences.

  • 12/15/2016
  • 07/27/2017

    We are no longer accepting applications for this program.

    Former News Corp fellows at The Wall Street Journal.

    Interested in sharpening your digital skills while working alongside your peers in London? Eager to share your experience with award-winning colleagues abroad? Apply to the News Corp Media Fellowship for a chance to learn how some of the most prestigious news outlets in the world operate.

    Working with ICFJ, News Corp will bring two journalists from any country in Africa to London to spend a month honing their journalistic skills at The Times and at The Wall Street Journal London bureau.

  • 08/08/2017

    The Douglas Tweedale Memorial Fellowship helps Latin American journalists improve their investigative reporting skills, either generally, or in a specialty reporting area such as immigration, environment, science and technology or business, through a three-week long program in the United States.

  • At our Awards gala, the International Center for Journalists honors the achievements of brave colleagues whose outstanding news reports or media innovations have made a huge impact. For one inspiring evening, U.S. headliners join overseas journalists to showcase the power -- and the importance -- of quality news.

    You can support our work by becoming a sponsor of DC's premier international media event. The Awards Dinner offers a great opportunity to meet 600 media luminaries from leading U.S. and international news organizations.