Trained by ICFJ, 472 citizen journalists in Malaysia have produced 2,200 videos that have been viewed more than 8.5 million times. Their stories have changed their communities- for the better.

Sep 292011

News Story Highlights Cause for Celebration for Citizen Journalists

An article in Malaysia's New Strait Times features former Knight International Journalism Fellow Ross Settles, and quotes him in discussing how citizen journalism is growing both in number and in terms of influence across the region.

ICFJ Partners in Malaysia discuss the work of Knight International Journalism Fellow Ross Settles, who has been working with Malaysiakini for almost a year.

Malaysia: Creating a Multimedia News Project

To fill the void of local news reporting, ICFJ and Malaysiakini will create a network of locally-based citizen journalists trained in journalism skills and armed with high-tech reporting tools. To empower and give voice to marginalized and often abused immigrant workers, the program will bring media trainers from their originating countries to train citizen journalists and help create native language news websites with stories drawn from their experiences throughout the country.

Mar 142011

Mrs Siti Zurina Hassan and the Bank Negara Malaysia - One Proof Point in the Local News Model

At MalaysiaKini’s start-up community news operation, KomunitiKini, we have been working on bringing three things together into a business model for local community news – trained community based citizen journalists (CJ’s), an online platform for communities to create their own local newspaper and finally local advertising.

Feb 222011

Media Development Loan Fund Features Ross Settle's Work with Malaysiakini

Media Development Loan Fund features Knight Fellow Ross Settles' account of his project with Malaysiakini, Malaysian independent news site. Settles explains the project's goals are "to support Malaysiakini's traditional reporting goals of balance and independence, leverage its strengths and build a new revenue line."

Jan 172011

Maps, maps, everywhere maps - Two New Geolocation Data and Distribution Services

Lost in San Francisco, no need to ask for directions. Just pull out your mobile phone – iPhone or Android. Pinpoint your current location, “tell” your phone your destination and within a few seconds you have directions.