Nov 112008

Knight Foundation head and young journalists discuss journalism education and media in India

Can India’s theory-heavy journalism education face the challenges from the country’s media explosion? A group of young journalists from Indo-Asian News Service discussed media education and the emerging new media with Alberto Ibarguen, the president and CEO of the John S. and James L.

Sep 172008

Journalists Are Vital in Educating Public on Climate Change

Knight International Journalism Fellow Arul Louis discusses media and climate change with Dr. R.K. Pachauri, director-general of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), a New Delhi-based organization that focuses on sustainable development. On Aug. 31, Dr. Pachauri was reelected chairman of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The panel, which Dr. Pachauri has led since 2002, shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S.

Aug 82008

Editors' Consultation Eyes Climate Change

What help do journalists want when they cover climate change and development? And what do leaders who help shape global policies on climate change say is the media’s role?

To find out, the International Center for Journalists' Knight International Journalism Fellowships and The Energy and Resources Institute brought journalists and climate-change leaders together at an Editors' Consultation in New Delhi on Saturday, Feb.

May 292008

Green to Greenbacks: Covering the Business of Climate Change

Climate change is not all about looming disasters. It's also about business: There's money to be made in helping fight the effects of climate change under programs known as clean development mechanism. Just one element, carbon markets, generated trades worth $64 billion (or about Rs 2,560 billion). The Energy Resources Institute and the Knight International Journalism Fellowships Program of the International Center for Journalists organized a seminar for business and environment reporters and editors on this complex subject.

May 52008

Knight International Fellow Addresses International Leaders in Climate Change at Athens Conference

Knight International Journalism Fellow Arul Louis spoke about "Climate Change, Development, Democracy and the Media" at the Athens Summit 2008 Global Climate and Energy Security. He was one of the six speakers at the session on "Journalism and the Environment: Motivating the Public Opinion."

The conference brought together senior government officials, international civil servants, corporate leaders, financiers, academic and market analysts from the energy and environmental communities.

Louis is based at The Energy and Resources Institute in New Delhi.

Feb 222008

What the media needs to better cover climate change

Journalists at the Editors' Consultation on Climate Change in New Delhi on Feb. 9. The journalists at a recent round table that brought them face to face with key leaders who shape global climate change policies discussed the problems they face covering the issues and suggested ways to help them better cover the beat.

At the Editors’ Consultation, organized by ICFJ's Knight International Journalism Fellowships and The Energy and Resources Institute in New Delhi on Feb.

Feb 222008

Global leaders on climate change discuss media’s role

ICFJ's Knight International Journalism Fellowships and The Energy and Resources Institute  recently brought together key leaders who shape climate change policies and the coverage of the topic to discuss the role of the media and the problems in reporting about the subject.

Feb 32008

The Changers versus The Warmers

Move over Hatfields and McCoys. It's the Changers and Warmers – as in Climate Change and Global Warming – who are having the big feud.

Is Global Warming the right name for the phenomenon now taking place or is Climate Change the more appropriate one? Is Change just a politically motivated, watered down term meant to lull people? Or is Warming an inadequate, too narrowly focused appellation?

It's a hotly debated subject and it is relevant for me in an unusually cold New Delhi while I prepare for a meeting of editors on – well, whatever is happening to the climate, the globe ...

Dec 122007

Report from Bali: Getting developing country journalists to cover climate conference

Barely 10 percent of the journalists covering the United Nations climate change conference were from the developing countries (if those from the host country were not counted). Yet these countries will bear the brunt of climate changes, and initiatives at the conference will affect them profoundly.