India: Improving News Technologies and Access to Information

Knight International Journalism Fellow Nasr ul Hadi works with media organizations in India to develop and expand the use of news technologies and improve access to quality information in the region.

Hadi will help English- and Hindi-language newsrooms in India adopt a “digital supply chain” to integrate technology into all stages of news production – from collecting, verifying and analyzing data and other information to packaging, distribution and audience engagement.

Nov 242014

Mobile News Service Created by Knight Fellow Featured on National Geographic

Mobile news service CGnet Swara was recently featured on National Geographic as part of its "Innovators Project" series, which profiles “people who are transforming their fields by creating, educating, provoking, and delighting.”

Developed by Knight Fellow Shubhranshu Choudhary with help from Microsoft Research India, CGnet Swara (Voice of Chhattisgarh) gives people in remote areas of India the abil

Shu Choudhary trains journalist in India

Former Knight Fellow Shu Choudhary trains a villager in India how to use CGnet Swara, a mobile news service.

Training in Local Languages Will Help South Indian Journalists Use Social Media

ICFJ trainer Pierre Kattar works with participants from ICFJ’s 2015 Roadblocks Along the New Silk Road program for South Asian journalists. Photo credit: Frank Folwell

Vernacular journalists and bloggers often are at a disadvantage as news outlets around the world increasingly rely on social media and digital tools to engage audiences. They may lack the language and skills needed to meet the demands of an online newsroom.

To help address this technology and information gap, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is creating a cutting-edge curriculum that will help media professionals and journalism educators learn to use social media to connect with audiences in three South Indian states.

Workshop in Hyderabad for Bloggers on Global Issues and Challenges

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), with the support from the U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad, India, hosted the “Workshop for Bloggers on Global Issues and Challenges,” in January 2015. The program was offered to support media professionals and bloggers in the dynamic locale of Hyderabad to illustrate the impact of international issues on the daily lives of their local readership and India’s broader development objectives. ICFJ’s partner in Hyderabad was the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI).

Global Health Reporting Contest

A mother holds her newborn child in a hospital in Odisha, one of India's poorest states.

This program is no longer active. To apply for the 2015 Global Health Reporting Contest, click here.

Journalists in Brazil, China, India and Russia won a trip to the United States and cash prizes as part of four regional competitions to recognize the best media coverage of maternal and child health.

CGNet Swara

A woman receives training on how to use CGNet Swara.

cgnet swara

A woman in India receives training on how to use CGNet Swara.

Dec 22013

Mobile News Service Empowers Indian Women To Report Sex Crimes

A voice technology service that gives rural Indians an outlet to report on their communities is giving a voice to victims of rape in a country where that crime is often swept under the rug.

Women are reporting incidents of rape, other forms of sexual assault and sexual harassment using CGNet Swara.