slum Pakistan

This is where they live.

Eighth grade girls Pakistan

Eighth-grade girls and their mentor (American Journalists onlooking) at an NGO school outside Karachi.

Children at the Wagah Border Ceremony Pakistan

Children at the Wagah Border Ceremony.

Women at a textile factory outside Lahore

Women at a textile factory outside Lahore.

New Media, New Challenges: Best Practices In the Digital Age

Journalists from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka were invited to apply to a training program aiming to connect journalists in the region on joint reporting projects that explored cross-border issues of importance, while also training them in responsible practices in the digital age. The program, ran by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and sponsored by the U.S. State Department, had two main components.

Oct 252011

Pakistan: Reverse Culture Shock?

The glorious, several hundred feet tall minaret of Khalid Masjid, in one of Lahore’s peaceful residential areas, looks over a courtyard that once used to be a calm parking space for the namazi (prayer men). But today, it is populated by armed watchmen, posted in different corners of the mosque like flagpoles. The place still appears ‘calm’ (read quiet), but the presence of guards with their double-barreled guns pointed in the air and the sight of barricades at entry and exit points is menacing, to say the least.

A multi-phase program run by ICFJ will bring 230 Pakistani media professionals to the United States and send 70 U.S. journalists to Pakistan, building long-term partnerships between news organizations.

Pakistan: Upgrading the Quality of Broadcast News (2009)

In a country where independent television is proliferating, Knight International worked with broadcast journalists at a leading network to make their reports more timely and compelling. By adding more stories from the field and reducing reliance on single sources, Fellow Adnan Adil Zaidi revitalized the newsroom at ARY OneWorld, now renamed ARY News.

U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism

"This program is possibly the most important we have in Pakistan, really interesting to see America through their eyes, makes me proud to be an American and hopeful about Pakistan." -- Dr. Stephen P. Cohen; Sr. Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies Program, The Brookings Institution

A multi-year program will bring 230 Pakistani media professionals to the United States and send 70 U.S. journalists to Pakistan.

Pakistan: Journalism Training (1998)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Arnold Zeitlin completed six months of journalism training in Pakistan in 1998, partnering with the Pakistan Press Foundation.