Nov 182011

An Ethics Code Jumps from ICFJ Program to Daily Journalism in Turkey

Two ambitious projects by Turkish journalists are putting a new ethics code to work – carrying it beyond the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) programs that inspired it into newsrooms across the country and onto a new website that challenges journalists to live by it every day.

An association of Turkish media published the 40-page “Ethics Code for Journalists in Turkey” and sent copies to more than 50 news outlets.

Journalism Ethics in the Digital Age: A Training Program for Turkish Media

ICFJ conducted two online courses, each for 35 journalists (with some taking both courses), followed by an in-person workshop for the 18 best participants. The project focused on journalism ethics and standards in Turkish news media. The first course examined overall ethics and standards, to help journalists from different media companies establish strong ethics frameworks to bring back to their newsrooms. The second course specifically addressed the ethical decision-making issues affecting journalists in the digital age, enabling journalists to meet the needs of Turkey’s rapidly expanding Internet audience. The workshop brought together 18 of the best participants to work on developing a structure for codes of ethics for their news organizations and a broader one for Turkish media as a whole. These efforts raised the bar and encouraged healthy competition between these media companies on an ethical playing field.

Turkish - Armenian - American Journalist Exchange Program

ICFJ brought together media professionals from Armenia, Turkey and the United States to introduce to them new skills and help develop professional relationships and partnerships that helped all parties better understand—and work with—one another.

Turkey: Journalism Training (2004)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Susanne Fowler completed nine months of journalism training in Turkey in 2004, partnering with Bogazici University and Istanbul Bilgi University.