Unlocking the Economic Potential of Digital Media

Nearly 250 journalists from the Middle East and North Africa learned to use digital tools for public-service journalism in a four-year program.

The Professional Fellows program is open for professional and citizen journalists, media business managers, digital media entrepreneurs and technologists from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The accepted fellows will be asked to create media business models that harness the power of digital tools to generate sustainable new revenue. They will be matched with expert U.S.

Nov 202012

Tech Day in Jordan Showcases Innovative Ways to Deliver News

Knight Fellow Ayman Salah, in partnership with UNESCO and Hacks/Hackers Amman, brought together Jordanian journalists and technologists to demonstrate creative technology solutions designed to overcome common obstacles media organizations face such as limited access to Internet in remote areas and expensive, outdated technology platfor

Middle East: Launch a Network to Connect Journalists with IT Experts

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ayman Salah connected journalists with IT experts across the Middle East by starting Hacks/Hackers chapters. Salah launched the technology journalism group in three countries: Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia. Participants are working to find technological solutions to information bottlenecks.

In Amman, journalists and programmers developed the first mobile citizen journalism reporting app for major Jordanian news outlets.

Public Service Journalism for Arabic-speaking Journalists

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) held a six-week online course in Arabic on using digital tools in public service journalism and investigative techniques. The online course was the first part of a program that brought together journalists, citizen journalists and civil society actors from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, West Bank/Gaza and Yemen. The six-week online course guided 60 participants from the above mentioned countries to work on ideas for multimedia public service journalism projects.

Jordan: Journalism Training (2005)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Scott Bortot completed four months in Jordan in 2005, partnering with Al-Ghad.

Middle East: Journalism Training (2002)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Jeffrey Ghannam completed three months in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia in 2002.

Jordan: Journalism Training (2002)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Joanne Levine completed two months in Jordan in 2002, partnering with the Arab Women’s Media Center.

Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: Journalism Training (2005)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Carolyn Robinson completed eleven months in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria in 2005 partnering with the Packard Foundation.

Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: Journalism Training (2005)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Robert Sullivan completed six months in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria in 2005.

Middle East: Start Up Investigative Reporting Teams at Major News Outlets

At a pivotal time for the Middle East, Knight International Journalism Fellow Amr El-Kahky is launching teams of investigative reporters at news organizations across the region. His efforts have helped journalists gain more access to government documents than ever before, particularly in Jordan and the West Bank. His investigative unit in Jordan uncovered a vote-buying scheme ahead of the November 2010 parliamentary elections. Jordanian reporters also tackled the issue of childhood alcohol addiction—a controversial topic never covered in the past.