Basic Journalism

Mar 252013

How to Create 'A Vibrant Space for Media Innovation'

We invited everyone who wanted to rethink journalism to our city’s first Hacks/Hackers event, and drew about 120 people.

Less than two years later, at 1,700 members strong (and growing), we’ve held more than 20 events and a Media Party with keynotes, workshops and a hackathon. Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires has become a vibrant space for media innovation. We believe many people in Latin America would benefit from participating in Hacks/Hackers, so I'm helping drive its expansion in the region as part of my Knight International Journalism Fellowship.

Mar 222013

Tips for Effective Coverage of Immunization

Reporting on efforts to prevent infectious diseases through immunization is a key part of health coverage. Journalists play an important role in examining public health efforts, and in helping readers and viewers understand how and why vaccines are used.

Mar 182013

Choices and Consequences in Kenya’s Election

Kenya’s national election resulted in victory for Uhuru Kenyata, a man charged with crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court. His top rival, Raila Odinga, has petitioned the Kenyan Supreme Court challenging the election. As the nation waits for the court’s ruling, Knight Fellow Joseph Warungu reflects on the election’s implications.

“Choices have consequences.”

That warning to Kenyans, issued almost a month before the election by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson, played on the minds of many voters as they cast their ballots on March 4.

Mar 152013

Why We Need Better Tools to Measure the Value of Journalism

Journalists and media have only scratched the surface in assessing their value to the world. To better understand and deliver that value, we need to improve how we measure the true impact of journalism.


A child is vaccinated against meningitis. Photo: Gates Foundation


A child receives oral polio vaccine from a house-to-house polio vaccination team in the Kamla Nehru Nagar slum in Patna, India. Photo: Gates Foundation.

Story Contest for Best Coverage of Vaccines

Journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan and the Gulf States have a chance to win a trip to the United States or cash prizes as part of three regional competitions to recognize the best media coverage of vaccines and immunizations.

A child is vaccinated against meningitis. Photo: Gates Foundation

Stories published or broadcast in Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan and the Gulf States between March 15 and May 15, 2013, which includes World Immunization Week (April 24-30), will qualify for the regional contests.

Mar 132013

Poderopedia Makes Political Connections More Transparent

In Chile, a website called Poderopedia has recently been launched by Knight International Journalism Fellow Miguel Paz. A crowdsourced map of business and political power, Poderopedia aims to make connections between people more transparent. Paz explains how some of the powerful people profiled are also some of the site's best contributors, during this interview for the U.S.