Basic Journalism

Feb 262013

U.S. and Pakistani Journalists Alike Move Past 'Them Versus Us' Mentality

When Pakistani producer Arsalan Asad first came to the United States, he was shocked to hear that ordinary Americans did not know how to find his country on a map, or associated it only with terrorism and fundamentalism. But after four weeks, he learned Americans were eager to know about a Pakistan beyond the headlines. He even discovered a mini-Pakistan in Coney Island, NY, where restaurants serve traditional Pakistani meals and signs are in Urdu.

Feb 262013

At 'Pivotal Point' for Pakistan, Exchange Opens Journalists’ Perceptions

ICFJ Director and acclaimed author Joanne Leedom-Ackerman interviewed dozens of Pakistani and U.S. participants at ICFJ’s exchange program alumni summit in Islamabad in February. “Unless you touch the grass in each other’s yards, you won’t know each other,” one Karachi journalist who spent almost a month working with U.S. journalists in Arizona told her.

Feb 222013

How Making Maps is Evolving Online

Just 10 years ago, creating an interactive online map was complicated, if not impossible, for most Web users. Now, journalists can design attractive maps in the cloud and publish them in minutes.

And in recent years, the news industry has seen exciting opportunities for Web-based maps beyond Google. The two-year-old company MapBox is an important driver of this development.

A product of the Washington-based company Development Seed, MapBox gives newsrooms and bloggers the ability to control how maps look and what data appears on these maps.