Basic Journalism

Oct 12008

Fräulein X doesn't say "Buy me."

European television ads are reeeeeally good. But what are the billboard models trying to tell me?

Sep 302008

Right makes Streit

Austria's two nationalist parties gained an unprecedented share of the vote on Sunday. That alarmed the other 70 percent of the population and prompted my colleague to ponder emigration.

Sep 292008

Last nudist standing

In August, the nudists were shoulder to shoulder at a riverside park three miles down the Danube from central Vienna. But then came three weeks of cold drizzle, and just a dozen of them turned out for the Indian summer afternoon that followed.

Sep 282008


Die Banalitäten, die US- Wahlkämpfe regelmäßig dominieren, beherrschen dieses Jahr auch den Wahlkampf in Österreich.

Sep 252008

Little people, big world

With only 8 million countrymen and -women, Austrians take close relationships into account when making decisions.