Basic Journalism

Apr 22014

News Corp to Provide Immersive Fellowships for Mexican Journalists

Washington, D.C. – In its first initiative with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), News Corp will open The Wall Street Journal newsroom and resources to five Mexican journalists for an immersive, month-long summer fellowship.

The News Corp Fellows will have the opportunity to focus on access to information, freedom of expression and digital technology at a leading global business news outlet.

Journalists from a wide range of Mexican news organizations will experience firsthand the workings of a fast-paced digital news operation.

Apr 12014

African Storytelling Challenge Panelist Shares Tips for "Disruptive" Business Reporting

In his two decades as a journalist in Kenya, Wallace Kantai has reported top business news for all of Kenya’s leading newspapers, and interviewed some of the world's most high-profile business leaders and policymakers.

Aspiring business reporters might imagine he shows up for interviews armed with statistics and questions, but his advice is the opposite: show up without notes.

Mar 272014

News Contest Launched to Engage Citizens on Health

Nigerian journalists and media organizations can win cash, mentoring and in-house technical assistance through a new story competition aimed at amplifying citizen voices on vital health issues.

Winners of the Hala Nigeria Story Challenge will receive prizes up to $1,000 and a chance to attend an exclusive EditorsLab with a faculty of international experts.

Back In The Newsroom Fellowship 2014

The Back In the Newsroom Fellowship will help journalism educators see firsthand the new skills needed for students to succeed in today’s newsrooms.

Back In The Newsroom is a fellowship program that brings five professors from historically black colleges and universities to spend a summer working in digitally advanced U.S. news organizations. This “internship” will help journalism educators see firsthand the new skills needed for students to succeed in today’s newsrooms.

The fellows will update their digital skills, develop cutting-edge curricula and strengthen relations between these newsrooms and their schools. The program will help improve diversity at leading U.S.

Mar 132014

Raising Financial Literacy Through Data Journalism

The Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring crude oil from Canada to the Gulf, has been hotly debated for environmental and economic reasons. But the social cost on Native American communities has been overlooked—until now.

Reporter Mary Annette Pember’s story, “Will Keystone XL Pipeline Pump Sexual Violence Into South Dakota?” is just one of hundreds by journalists in an International Center for Journalists program that aims to bring coverage of important financial topics to minority communities.

Taller en línea de Producción Periodística (2014)

El International Center for Journalists en alianza con CONNECTAS lanzó el segundo curso en línea que se enfocaba en técnicas de investigación, el uso de herramientas digitales, el periodismo de datos y protocolos de seguridad física y cibernética. El curso estaba disponible sólo para periodistas que residan en Ecuador, México, Nicaragua y Paraguay.

El componente académico de la actividad era de cinco semanas, iniciando el 6 de octubre y finalizando el 7 de noviembre de 2014.

Joyce on Al Jazeera

ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan called for governments to “step up and speak out” against the arrest of Al Jazeera reporters in Egypt.

Feb 242014

Governments Must “Step Up and Speak Out” on Behalf of Al Jazeera Journalists

In a live interview on Al Jazeera English Thursday, ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan said that to secure the release of several Al Jazeera reporters arrested in Egypt, governments “have to step up and speak out.” Unless officials express outrage at the arrests and “put some teeth in it,” the country’s crackdown on civil society will continue to snowball, she said.

Feb 182014

Geographic Data Powers Climate Change Coverage in Indonesia

Frequent flooding and critically low crop yields are just two of the warning signs of climate change in Indonesia, home to the world’s third-largest tropical rainforest and some of the highest levels of biological diversity on the globe.

To shed light on these crucial issues, data journalists have launched the news site Ekuatorial, which offers the latest environmental news and engaging, easy-to-understand interactive maps of oceans, forests and natural disasters in Indonesia.