Latin America: Advancing the Business Strategies of Spanish-Speaking Digital News Entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurship strategist Janine Warner is an ICFJ Knight Fellow who is focused on promoting a greater diversity of online news outlets across Latin America, Spain and the U.S. She is doing this through SembraMedia, a nonprofit online community she founded for digital media entrepreneurs to network, share resources, learn business and technical skills, and draw on the expertise of others who are facing similar challenges.

Throughout Latin America, digital media startups are harnessing the power of the Internet to launch new and innovative media projects.

Mar 92017

InnovateAFRICA: Digital Fact-checking and Watchdog Projects Win $1 Million

A pan-African fact-checking network, citizen science in Durban shantytowns and a graphic journalism hub are among the latest winners of seed grants from innovateAFRICA, the continent’s largest fund for digital journalism experimentation.

The 22 winning digital projects will receive $1 million in funding and technology support from innovateAFRICA, which is managed by Code for Africa as part of ICFJ's wider data journalism initiative in the region.

Feb 102017

Latin American Journalists Turn 'Pipe Dreams into Innovative Digital Projects'

"Astonished." That's how Guatemalan reporter Edna Rheiner felt while visiting top U.S. newsrooms to talk with outstanding reporters about their cutting-edge projects.

It wasn't simply that their work was impressive. She was thrilled that U.S. journalists took the time to share what they are working on, she told Núria Saldanha in this video.

Global Business Journalism Master’s Program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China

The global economic order is rapidly changing, and China, with the world’s second-largest economy, is becoming an increasingly important player. As U.S. international policy shifts under a new administration, China is aggressively seeking to bolster its leadership role in the world’s interconnected global economy on trade and other business issues.

Jan 102017

ICFJ Knight Fellow Janine Warner: Perfectionism is the enemy of news startups

Frustrated by the constraints of traditional media, a growing number of journalists are interested in launching their own news startups, says Janine Warner, an ICFJ Knight Fellow who helps Latin American news entrepreneurs strengthen their business models. Too often, she says, when aspiring entrepreneurs come up with a great idea, two obstacles trip them up.

One is perfectionism. “If you’re an entrepreneur, waiting until everything is perfect is a problem,” Warner said in a recent interview with Chilean website Puroperiodismo.

Story contest winners highlight minority women entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Minority women entrepreneurs are on the rise, and it’s about time. Women-owned businesses increased by 27% and minority-owned businesses increased by 38% between 2007 and 2012, according to 2012 U.S. Census Data.

Sep 142016

New ICFJ Knight Fellows Foster News Innovation on Three Continents

Four media leaders have been named by the International Center for Journalists to lead projects that will bring innovations to news organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They join a team of ICFJ Knight Fellows who are advancing a culture of global news innovation, leading to better journalism and more engaged citizens.

Irshad Daftari is bringing the latest digital tools to Indian media to enhance their storytelling and audience engagement.

Feb 32016

Personal Finance course participants publish articles, win awards

By Isabel Morales

A total of nearly 30 minority journalists took part in two personal finance courses online this spring and summer, using the training format that the International Center for Journalists sees as increasingly popular and useful among working media.

The journalists, all working at American media outlets, participated in the English and Spanish-language courses designed to advance the financial reporting in minority media. In six weeks of instruction and six weeks of mentorship, they tackled personal finance topics that included: credit, lending, consumer fraud, housing and mortgages, retirement planning, and investing.

Feb 22016

ICFJ Anywhere trainings help journalist launch smart-money website for Hispanics

“I have been reporting and editing since 1998, and I see over and over that one of the things that empowers people is knowledge and accurate information about how the American ‘system’ works,” said Carrera, a native of Ecuador. “U.S. Hispanics need good, sound, independent information.” Carrera saw some of this need as editor of Mercado de Dinero USA, starting in June 2007. The monthly, Spanish-language publication focuses on consumer and economics news.