Jun 52012

Students Rank Bloomberg Professor Among Tsinghua's Best

Bloomberg Professor Lee Miller mixed enthusiasm and candy with journalism basics in his “English News Writing” class to earn a place among the top 15 percent of teachers at Tsinghua University.

“I like this teacher, he did a really good job! Hope he could keep his passion forever!” one student wrote.

Students of Professor Lee Miller at Tsinghua University

Students of Professor Lee Miller at Tsinghua University in China

May 312012

Tsinghua School of Journalism Celebrates 10th Anniversary

BEIJING - For those interested in how to innovate the curriculum of international journalism in China, there was a day-long academic conference.

For those who wanted to experience the energy and creativity of journalism students, there was an evening of song, dance, drama and comedy.

May 162012

Tsinghua School of Journalism Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan and Vice President of Development Vjollca Shtylla traveled to China to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Tsinghua University's School of Journalism. ICFJ's Global Business Journalism program is in its fifth year there.

May 142012

Bank of America Sees Impact of Business Journalism Graduates

BEIJING -- The Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University is helping to generate top-quality coverage of business and finance in the world’s fastest growing economy, said Lisa Xue, chief administrative officer, China, for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Xue was speaking at a May 13 luncheon hosted by the bank as part of the 10th anniversary of the university's School of Journalism and Communication.

"We’re happy to see GBJ graduates are hired by China’s top media," said Xue.

McGraw Hill Markets Reporting Program

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) offered two online courses in English and Spanish on intriguing topics such as how to plan for retirement, understanding your 401(k), stock and bond markets, mutual funds and private and public companies. These courses were available to U.S. journalists who reported in minority communities. The online courses took place from October 22, 2012 through December 16, 2012. All applicants were asked to propose a project that they developed throughout the length of the course.

Apr 92012

Market Research Experts Explain Real-World Data Mining

Whitney Foard Small, Regional Director of Communications for Asia Pacific and Africa of Ford Motor Co., and Tatt Chen, Senior Vice President of Penn Schoen Berland, Asia, were special guest speakers in Professor Lee Miller's Data Mining class on April 9.

Small and Chen, whose firm does consulting work for Ford, talked about how they measure the impact of public relations campaigns and the attitudes of key groups of potential customers.

"Measuring PR can be done," Small said.

Mar 292012

Business Editor Says Social Media are Westernizing China

Zhang Hong, deputy editor-in-chief of the Economic Observer, told students in Advanced Business Writing how the weekly newspaper uses social media in news gathering and distribution. He visited Professor James Breiner's class on March 29.

The newspaper, with print distribution of about 100,000, gets about 10-15 percent of its web traffic from Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Zhang said.

Mar 122012

Indiana, Tsinghua students do data mining on food

Lars Willnat, professor of journalism at Indiana University, brought 17 students to visit the campus and Professor Lee Miller's data mining class on March 12.

Miller started the session started with a presentation on some of the top restaurant chains operating in China. Students then did a a data-mining exercise in the form of speed dating, in which they each interviewed 10 of their peers from the other country about their food preferences and eating habits.

After two minutes, they moved to interview the next person.