Citizen Journalism

Coding for Latin America: Using new technology to improve lives

Knight International Journalism Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva is creating a citizen engagement lab in Mexico and Central America to support data-driven media projects.

Pakistan: Driving citizen engagement and collaboration on open data

Knight International Journalism Fellow Rahma Muhammad Mian launched a series of flagship projects to spark data journalism and citizen engagement through open data in Pakistan. To foster a community of collaboration among journalists and technologists, she launched Hacks/Hackers Pakistan. She also held key events to kickstart data-driven projects, including Pakistan’s first data bootcamp in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Journalism and Code for Africa.

Jul 152014

Journalists and Civil Society Must Join Forces to Engage the Public With Health News

Now that news reporting is no longer simply a matter of journalists deciding what they think the public needs to know, the mainstream media must make the shift from just reporting about news events to exploring ideas that move the audience to think and act.

Nowhere is that more true than in health coverage, where locally relevant engagement with the news can help individuals and communities identify their health priorities and have a conversation, offline and online, about solutions that can make a difference in their lives.

May 132014

São Paulo’s Mural Blog Helps Citizens Shed Light on Neglected Communities

For more than three years, the blog Mural has practiced collaborative journalism, run away from stereotypes and sought quality in local coverage.

Community journalism, citizen journalism, hyperlocal journalism, nonprofit journalism. I do not accept any of these labels. In my assessment, what the correspondents for the blog Mural have done for more than three years is good-quality journalism. Good journalism. Period.

Apr 92014

InfoAmazonia Will Crowdsource Environmental News

Environmental journalism site InfoAmazonia, which pioneered using satellite data for reporting, is adding a new source to its coverage: observations from the ground.

The site will gather and share information from people living and working in the Amazon, including “indigenous communities, researchers, NGOs, students and engaged citizens acting on social media,” said data journalist Gustavo Faleiros, who founded the site.

Mar 272014

News Contest Launched to Engage Citizens on Health

Nigerian journalists and media organizations can win cash, mentoring and in-house technical assistance through a new story competition aimed at amplifying citizen voices on vital health issues.

Winners of the Hala Nigeria Story Challenge will receive prizes up to $1,000 and a chance to attend an exclusive EditorsLab with a faculty of international experts.

Panamá - 'Cuida tu Voto' (2014)

El Centro Internacional para Periodistas (ICFJ), en alianza con CONNECTAS y el Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo (CELAP) realizaron las cuatro actividades previstas para el mes de febrero de 2014 en Panamá en el marco de 'Cuida tu Voto', un proyecto de la Iniciativa de Periodismo de Investigación en las Américas para promover la transparencia y la rendición de cuentas durante los procesos electorales a través de la participación ciudadana, el fortalecimiento del periodismo de investigación y

CGNet Swara

A woman receives training on how to use CGNet Swara.

cgnet swara

A woman in India receives training on how to use CGNet Swara.