Citizen Journalism

May 32013

Engaging Citizens in Governance With Open Data

Citizens, writes development expert Jay Naidoo in The Guardian, always know better than the government or the market what works for them. “So why don't state officials and policymakers take us, the citizens, into their confidence?” he asks. “Can we begin to see citizens as the greatest ally for good governance? And if so, how do we pursue a partnership between government and citizens?”

“Part of the answer lies in open data,” Naidoo writes.

GotToVote Logo

GotToVote was created with less than $500 to assist Kenyans searching for polling stations during the recent Presidential Election. It represents one of many examples of the far-reaching effects of your generous support.

Apr 302013

ICFJ’s Knight Projects, Partners Are Finalists for Data Journalism Awards

A platform that monitors the fragile Amazon region; a site that illuminates connections among the powerful; and an investigation into corrupt spending practices by Argentina’s Senate are among the outstanding projects of ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellows and their partners named finalists for 2013 Data Journalism Awards.

Five projects from ICFJ Knight Fellows and their partners were shortlisted for the awards, which are the only international prizes exclusively for the growing field of data-driven journalism.

Argentina Census Image

Data visualization of Argentinian census information. Courtesy of La Nación

Brazil: Expand the Use of Satellite Mapping and Other Technologies to Improve Environmental Reporting

Knight International Journalism Fellow Gustavo Faleiros is building on the success of his 2012 Knight International Journalism Fellowship, when he launched a digital map that uses satellite feeds and other publicly available data to monitor the Amazon Basin region. He is expanding the map, called InfoAmazonia, to make it possible for news websites to easily generate and publish customized maps on the environment.

Feb 122013

What Journalists Can Learn From the Citizen Science Movement

Knight International Journalism Fellow Gustavo Faleiros is tapping ordinary, environmentally concerned citizens in the Amazon region to help contribute data and information to InfoAmazonia, his digital mapping project that tracks deforestation. Faleiros says "citizen science" movements like this one can be a powerful force for connecting communities, for telling stories about the environment and health, and for helping explain the problems and issues to policymakers.

Nigeria: Giving Citizens in the Niger Delta a Voice on Health Issues

Babatunde Akpeji is a Knight International Journalism Fellow who is building a network of citizen journalists to cover health in Nigeria’s Delta region, an area rich in resources but wracked by severe poverty.

Nov 202012

CGNet Swara Report on Faulty Bridge Exposes Corruption

Using CGNet Swara, a mobile news service developed by Knight Fellow Shu Choudhary, citizen journalist Prakash Gupta reported on a faulty bridge built in a rural area of Chhattisgarh, India. The report, picked up by CNN-IBN, also exposed an attempt to bribe Gupta to remain quiet.

Nov 202012

Tech Day in Jordan Showcases Innovative Ways to Deliver News

Knight Fellow Ayman Salah, in partnership with UNESCO and Hacks/Hackers Amman, brought together Jordanian journalists and technologists to demonstrate creative technology solutions designed to overcome common obstacles media organizations face such as limited access to Internet in remote areas and expensive, outdated technology platfor