Citizen Journalism

May 302012

Chief of News in Rural Indonesia Finds Citizen Journalism Gives Villagers a Voice

Growing up in a village in rural Indonesia, a young boy by the name of Alim dreamed of one day owning his own TV. He never imagined he'd be the head of a broadcast news operation that reports on indigenous issues and serves as a voice for people who have never really had one before.

Today, Alim is chief of news at Ruai TV.

May 292012

Phone call to Mobile News Network Prompts Delivery of Water Wells in India

For 10 years the government promised the remote Indian village of Sajan Khar its own well, and for 10 years the villagers struggled with the same four-mile trek to fetch drinking water for themselves and their animals.

Then early this year, Hem Singh Markam used a cell phone to call for help. And 15 days later, two hand-pump wells were delivered.

It is the latest example of what happens when indigenous, tribal communities are able to make their voices heard.

India Water Wells

A well of their own: A CGnet Swara phone call brought water to the remote Indian village of Sajan Khar, after a decade of government inaction. Hem Singh Markam, left of the pump, made the call.

May 72012

Citizen Journalism Advances Democratic Citizenship in Rural Indonesia

On 25 November 2011, Adrianus Akid, an indigenous farmer in a rural Indonesian village, sent a text about a damaged bridge to RuaiSMS. RuaiSMS is a mobile news service that turns cell phones into a new communication channel for indigenous people in West Kalimantan, including Sungai Enau, about 12 miles from Pontianak, the capital city of Indonesia’s West Kalimantan Province.

May 72012

Mobile Network in Rural India Finds a Powerful New Ally

Shubranshu Choudhary's mobile news network has become known primarily through word-of-mouth. As a Knight International Journalism Fellow he developed CGnet Swara and trains citizen journalists to use the service to report news from their tribal regions. Activists, government officials, mainstream media and others can check for new reports by phone or online.