Data Journalism

Improving Data-Journalism Skills in Morocco

In October 2016, the International Center for Journalists, in partnership with Code for Africa, will bring together 75 journalists, editors, technologists, civic watchdogs and digital designers in Casablanca, Morocco, for an intensive, three-day data boot camp.

Modeled on previous ICFJ and Code for Africa data boot camps, this program will give citizen journalists, media professionals and civil-society activists strategies and tools to access data.

Jul 292016

New ICFJ Knight Fellows Foster Collaboration Between Journalists and Technologists

Technological innovations have created many opportunities for journalists to report and tell stories in new ways. As ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellows, Adi Eyal and David Lemayian will help to spark collaborations between journalists and developers on health and development reporting projects across Africa.

May 102016

ICFJ Knight Fellows' Projects Democratize Information, News Across Africa

The spread of mobile phones and connectivity across Africa offers opportunities and challenges for the way citizens discover and use information. If people have the skills and knowledge to harness them, open data and new technologies hold the keys to the media’s future.

Code for Africa is the continent’s largest network of civic technology and open data labs. We work with media partners to create actionable information for citizens that helps them in their daily lives.

Feb 232016

Spearhead Media Transformation as Code for Nigeria's News Innovation Fellow

Code for Nigeria is looking for a digital journalist and strategist to join our CitizenLab in Lagos.

The News Innovation Fellow will implement and manage our journalistic projects and showcase events.

Jan 202016

Global Open Data Index Illuminates Africa's Transparency Efforts

What open data is available from governments around the world, in what formats are the data available, and how can you easily find or use it?

Those are the questions answered by Open Knowledge, which has recently published its third global open data index comparing available data from 122 countries to produce an annual international ranking.

From government spending and pollution emissions to [procurement tenders](http://ind

Dec 302015

'Dodgy Doctors' Helps Nigerians Find Out if Their Doctors are Con Artists

There is a cancer eating Nigeria’s healthcare system from the inside. The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) says large numbers of confidence tricksters or ‘quacks’ across the country are pretending to be doctors, without any medical training at all.

The parasites are motivated by money, charging unsuspecting patients for their ‘lifesaving’ services…but the real cost to Nigeria is calculated in human lives, with patients maimed or needlessly dying because of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment.

“They are evil geniuses.

Nov 112015

New Program to Emphasize Data, Engage Citizens in Storytelling

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and its partner Code for Africa have launched a sweeping program to promote data-driven investigative reporting in Africa that engages audiences and gets the attention of policymakers on health and other development issues.

Aug 122015

New Report Praises ICFJ Knight Fellow’s Environmental Journalism Projects

A new report by the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) highlights former ICFJ Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros’ contributions to the critically important field of environmental journalism.

Though experts predict climate change will have a growing impact on the global economy in decades to come, the report points out that media worldwide largely neglect to educate the public about its consequences.