Data Journalism

The Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ)

Professional journalists participate in a short TV documentary production module at the CEJ in Karachi.

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), along with Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), have established the Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) in Karachi, Pakistan. The CEJ serves as a hub for the professional development, training and networking of Pakistani journalists and media professionals from all parts of the country. It also welcomes journalists from around the world to participate in its programs.

Coding for Latin America: Using new technology to improve lives

Knight International Journalism Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva is creating a citizen engagement lab in Mexico and Central America to support data-driven media projects.

Oct 12014

Five Lessons from the African Story Challenge Bootcamp in Morocco

The African Story Challenge is a US$1 million program of reporting grants to encourage innovative, multimedia storytelling that aims to improve the health and prosperity of Africans. It was launched by former ICFJ Knight Fellow Joseph Wanguru and is run by the African Media Iniative with the support of the International Center for Journalists.

Sep 252014

Code for Africa Builds WaziMap to Make Public Data More User-Friendly for Journalists

Black smoke churned toward the sky in Nyanga, one of the oldest townships in Cape Town, after protestors set fire to buses there in early September.

Pakistan: Driving citizen engagement and collaboration on open data

Knight International Journalism Fellow Rahma Muhammad Mian launched a series of flagship projects to spark data journalism and citizen engagement through open data in Pakistan. To foster a community of collaboration among journalists and technologists, she launched Hacks/Hackers Pakistan. She also held key events to kickstart data-driven projects, including Pakistan’s first data bootcamp in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Journalism and Code for Africa.

Sep 82014

Hacks/Hackers Media Party: Census Reporter site makes it easier for reporters to use data

For many reporters, working with U.S. Census data is like going to the dentist — you know it’s important, but it often means a painful and prolonged visit to the dreaded U.S. government census website. But since the launch of Census Reporter, reporting on this data no longer has to feel like pulling teeth.

The display of Census facts is light-years away from the way the same information appears on the U.S. government website, where journalists can spend hours sifting through 1,500 tables of data.

Aug 132014

How Poderopedia has promoted transparency in its first year and a half

In its first year and a half of existence, the data journalism platform Poderopedia has promoted transparency and detection of conflicts of interest; generated news stories that made an impact on society; and built alliances with other Latin American organizations.

I founded Poderopedia, which tracks who is who in politics and business, in December 2012 in Chile, with a committed team of journalists and programmers and with financial support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Jul 292014

Environmental news site CartoChaco reveals deforestation in South America's Gran Chaco region

A new data-driven journalism platform launched today to expose environmental threats to South America’s Gran Chaco, a region that suffers from the world’s highest deforestation rate.

A group of researchers, cartographers, developers and journalists created CartoChaco, which uses news stories alongside maps powered by satellite data to reveal the impacts of natural resource exploitation in the region.

Jul 212014

Five data journalism projects win funding from Latin American startup accelerator HacksLabs

Five data-driven projects produced during the regional hackathon La Ruta de Dinero (The Money Trail) will receive support from HacksLabs, the first accelerator of data journalism projects in Latin America.

The projects focus on improving transparency and accountability in Colombia, Chile and Argentina. The regional hackathon, which I coordinated as part of my ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellowship, took place in 12 Latin American cities and one U.S. city.