May 82013

Pakistan's Rural Reporters Use Social Media to Cover the Elections

ICFJ recently conducted a program training rural Pakistani journalists how to cover the country's upcoming general elections with the aim of highlighting issues important to rural citizens. As the country prepares for its first democratic transition of power May 11, the program provided almost 40 rural journalists with mobile devices, their own wireless "hotspots," and taught them to use Facebook and Twitter to cover issues important in their communities.

May 32013

Support ICFJ on World Press Freedom Day

There has never been a more important time for you to back quality journalism worldwide.

Kenya's hotly contested 2013 presidential election saw a record turnout. This peaceful transition of power contrasted dramatically with the violence that followed the 2007 election.

May 32013

Engaging Citizens in Governance With Open Data

Citizens, writes development expert Jay Naidoo in The Guardian, always know better than the government or the market what works for them. “So why don't state officials and policymakers take us, the citizens, into their confidence?” he asks. “Can we begin to see citizens as the greatest ally for good governance? And if so, how do we pursue a partnership between government and citizens?”

“Part of the answer lies in open data,” Naidoo writes.

Apr 302013

ICFJ’s Knight Projects, Partners Are Finalists for Data Journalism Awards

A platform that monitors the fragile Amazon region; a site that illuminates connections among the powerful; and an investigation into corrupt spending practices by Argentina’s Senate are among the outstanding projects of ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellows and their partners named finalists for 2013 Data Journalism Awards.

Five projects from ICFJ Knight Fellows and their partners were shortlisted for the awards, which are the only international prizes exclusively for the growing field of data-driven journalism.

Example Dj.3s

Example dj.3s infographic

Argentina Census Image

Data visualization of Argentinian census information. Courtesy of La Nación

Olga Touring Nuclear Facility

Belogolova tours the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, which was ordered to close after the Fukushima nuclear accident. Some of her stories focused on shifts in Japan's energy policy since the nuclear meltdown. Courtesy of Olga Belogolova

Belogolova Picking Radishes

Belogolova interviews a farmer in Fukushima Prefecture. She wrote about rumors of food safety in the wake of the disaster. Courtesy of Olga Belogolova.

Outside Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant

Image courtesy of Olga Belogolova