Six Knight International Journalism Fellows and staff flew in from all over the world to attend the South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. Here, they describe the kinds of innovative projects they've come to see.

Apr 182012

SXSW and ICFJ: Eye-Catching Technologies Help Media Engage and Track Information

I attended this year’s South By Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSWi) to interact with industry leaders and explore interactive technologies we could use to help people in developing countries access and share information in new ways.

For the unfamiliar, SXSWi is a five-day extravaganza of panels, parties, free food, meetings planned and moments serendipitous, accelerators, keynotes and one massive tech trade show. Few events bring together such an amazing array of mobile and digital thinkers and innovators.

Sandra and Gustavo

Knight Fellows Sandra Crucianelli and Gustavo Faleiros are both writing data blogs where journalists post data-driven stories and invite the public to respond.

Mar 212012

ICFJ's Jerri Eddings: New Technology Brings New Opportunities for African Journalists

At the 14th annual National Freedom of Information Day Conference, held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., ICFJ Program Director Jerri Eddings said that many governments in Africa have eased restrictions on journalists. Now, she said, journalists are learning to access new kinds of information and deliver it to an increasingly tech-savvy audience across the continent.

The Newseum's First Amendment Center reported on the event.

FOI Panel

Knight International Journalism Fellow Justin Arenstein, who works in sub-Saharan Africa, spoke about the importance of training African journalists to mine databases for in-depth storytelling. (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

FOI Panel

Jerri Eddings, director of ICFJ's Africa-based Knight International Journalism fellowships, told the audience there is a new level of press freedom in many parts of Africa. (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

FOI Panel

Adam Clayton Powell III, senior fellow at the USC Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, moderated the panel discussion on "Freedom of Information Worldwide." (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

FOI Panel

Panelists discussed the latest trends in freedom of information worldwide at the 14th annual National Freedom of Information Day Conference. (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

Mar 72012

Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Developing Nations

It is hardly news to say that social media offer unprecedented opportunity to empower change through collaboration. We’ve seen this in American elections and the Arab Spring, alike. With over one billion people now active on social media around the world, and two billion Internet users, it has never been this technologically easy to connect people and work together, the world over.

But what about the billions of people who aren’t active on these social media, or don’t have access to the Internet or smartphones? Are they completely cut off?