Bogota Hacks/Hackers5

Among those working on strategy, which includes focusing first on monitoring waste management concerns in the capital city, is Rayza Reyes Marciales, who is building a journalism website.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers4

A look at the digital map in progress.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers3

Colombia’s first Hacks/Hackers group met August 11 in Bogota.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers2

Elkin Garavito (left) is manager of the Hacks/Hackers project, whose participants include journalists, cartographers, designers, developers, Web entrepreneurs and environmentalists. (Photo by Ronnie Lovler)

Aug 162012

Bogota Hacks/Hackers to Launch Crowdsourced Map on Environmental Problems

“Mi Bogotá Verde,” or My Green Bogota, a new, crowdsourced digital map that will track solid waste disposal – the first of many urban environmental concerns – is just weeks away from going online in Bogota.

The map was developed during the first hackathon of the Bogota chapter of Hacks/Hackers, created just four months ago.

The Henry Luce Foundation Program to Promote Excellence in Global Coverage of Religion

Continuing its efforts to improve coverage of religion around the world, ICFJ has launched a two-year program for American and international journalists who cover religious issues. By improving professional skills and increasing the dialogue around religion, ICFJ hopes to encourage journalists to engage the subject more openly and free of bias, and simultaneously more respectfully and critically. The program activities will include two online courses and international joint reporting projects,

The program is designed to:

  • Improve U.S.
Jul 242012

Hack/Hackers Sao Paulo: On the Quest for Journalism Innovation

On Monday, July 16, I launched Brazil’s first Hacks/Hackers chapter in Sao Paulo. The initiative has the support of ABRAJI (the Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association), the local offices of the Open Knowledge Foundation and W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium).

Brazil - ABRAJI - Crowd

Around 50 journalists and technologists attended Sao Paulo's first Hacks/Hackers meetup.

Brazil - ABRAJI - Gustavo talking

Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros organized the first meeting of Hacks/Hackers Sao Paulo at the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper headquarters.

Rising sea levels in South Asia

Rising sea levels in South Asia