Aug 22013

African Health Association Boosts Skills and Coverage Across the Continent

One year after its launch, a new association is providing an important platform for journalists across Africa to work together to meet the challenges of covering life- and-death issues.

On a continent where spreading the news of health threats and scientific advances is critical, the African Health Journalists Association (AHJA) gives reporters a chance to share resources and knowledge, tap health experts and identify common needs.

“Journalists are stronger when they are in a group,” said Declan Okpalaeke, an award-winning Nigerian journalist, who was elected chairman at the association’

Jul 232013

Twenty Finalists Emerge in $1 Million Story Challenge

Nairobi, Kenya - Twenty journalists have been shortlisted as finalists in the $1 million African Story Challenge, a new programme of reporting grants to encourage innovative, multi-media storytelling that aims to improve the health and prosperity of Africans.

The two-year project encourages journalists to experiment with new content ideas and ways to engage audiences through mobile technology, social media and other innovative tools.


A health care worker prepares a measles vaccine in Ethiopia. Photo credit: Pete Lewis /DFID.

Jul 162013

Reporting Contest Leads to Rise in Polio Vaccines in Ethiopia

At a health center in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, a mother carries her child while waiting in line for him to receive a meningitis vaccine. “I have heard from the media about meningitis that it can physically disable or kill a child,” says the mother, Seble Yihun. Previously, she might have waited for a health extension worker to come to her home with the vaccine. But, she said, “I also heard health care centers are getting short of vaccines.

Jul 82013

China Program Alum Exposes "Slum Girls'" Struggles in Kenya

Chen Yingying (Lulu), a correspondent for Xinhua News Agency in Nairobi, Kenya, recently did a report on teenage girls that was picked up and republished by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Lulu is a 2011 graduate of the Global Business Journalism master's program, a project of the International Center for Journalists and Tsinghua University, where it is based.

kenya africa health lulu GBJ china breiner

Yingying investigated the dire consequences faced by teenage girls in Kenya who cannot afford sanitary napkins.


Joanne Bladd won for her well-researched, data-rich piece focused on the economic challenges of distributing vaccines to those who need them most around the world. (Photo credit: Getty Images)


A health worker administers a polio vaccine to a child during a vaccination campaign in Herat, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Jul 12013

Winners of Vaccine Reporting Contest Focus on Barriers and Successes in Eradicating Polio

Journalists from Nigeria, Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates are winners of the first journalism competition on coverage of vaccines and immunizations. In well-documented multimedia and broadcast reports, most spotlighted the challenges—and victories—in eliminating polio.

“The winners produced coverage that serves as lessons to all in how to conquer devastating yet preventable diseases such as polio,” said ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan.