Iniciativa para el Periodismo de Investigación en las Américas 2013-2017

La Iniciativa Regional para el Periodismo de Investigación en las Américas es un programa de cuatro años co-auspiciado por la Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID) y el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos, oficina de Democracia, Derechos Humanos y Trabajo (DRL) para apoyar una nueva iniciativa centrada en la promoción y el fortalecimiento de la transparencia, la seguridad y la libertad de expresión en los medios de comunicación.

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El program

Jun 132013

Mobile security must be a priority for journalists

Mobile phones are becoming essential tools for journalists, who use them for interviews, contacting editors and sources, taking photographs and storing important files related to their stories. The devices’ small size, light weight, power and flexibility mean that they rival desktop or laptop computers in utility.

But the features that make a reporter’s phone such a useful tool can also make it an attractive target to governments, hackers and criminals.

May 282013

Contest Funds Innovative Journalism to Improve Health, Prosperity of Africans

To grasp how often people in Africa think about health, simply say "hello."

"In most African languages, the way to say ‘Good morning’ is often translated into some variation of ‘How is your health?’ or ‘How is your body?’" says media consultant Joseph Warungu.

But while health tops the list of issues of concern to Africans, the topic is often shortchanged in media coverage, says Warungu, an ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow and consultant to the African Media Initiative (AMI).

May 242013

$1M Grant to Fund Great Storytelling on Key African Issues

A new $1 million program will offer African journalists reporting grants to support investigative, multimedia and data-driven stories that aim to improve health and prosperity across the continent.

May 162013

ICFJ Senior Director Honored for Strengthening Independent Media

For his long-time commitment to “strengthening independent journalism in the Americas,” ICFJ’s Senior Director of Special Projects Luis Manuel Botello received special recognition at an awards ceremony in Panama City.

At Panama’s National Journalism Awards gala, Simón Bolívar Alemán, president of the Forum of Journalists for Freedom of Expression, singled out Botello for defending and promoting “democratic values” by empowering news organizations across the region.

Pak Election 2013 - Taimoor

Pakistanis attending the Pashtoon Khuwa Awami Party election event in Quetta. Courtesy of Muhammed Idrees.

Babar at IFES 2013

Taimoor, second from left, at the IFES panel event entitled "The Role of Media in Elections."

May 92013

Tsinghua University Forges Bloomberg Staff, Alumni Networks

May 8 (On Bloomberg) -- Editor-in-Chief Matthew Winkler spearheaded a groundbreaking project in China when in 2007 he set up a Bloomberg terminal lab at Tsinghua University.

Professor Miller teaching Business Journalism in Tsinghua.

Professor Miller, teaching Business Journalism at Tsinghua University, is ranked among the top 15 percent of Tsinghua's 4,000 faculty - the highest category - based on student evaluations.