La Chelona's last goal

Screengrab of Bernal's investigation published on El Gráfico.

Oct 162014

Salvadoran Sports Journalist's Investigation Exposes Corruption Thanks to ICFJ Training

In El Salvador, the sports pages have become beacons of investigative journalism in recent months, thanks largely to sports journalist David Bernal.

Oct 102014

How to Convince Journalists that Digital Security is for Them

The workshop had ended, but the attendees stayed glued to their seats and their laptop computers. For a few more minutes, nobody wanted to leave the room.

Coding for Latin America: Using new technology to improve lives

Knight International Journalism Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva is creating a citizen engagement lab in Mexico and Central America to support data-driven media projects.

Aug 252014

Reporting Fellow Wins National Award

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) recently recognized 2013 ICFJ reporting fellow Kyle Iboshi for General Excellence in TV/Online Video.

Iboshi captured the AAJA National Journalism Award for the sweeping story “Washed Away,” which he reported last year during his ICFJ Bringing Home the World international reporting fellowship.

A broadcast journalist at KGW, the NBC affiliate in Portland, Ore., his story tracked debris from the 20

Aug 222014

Why investigative journalists need better online research tools

How can online research tools aid the work of investigative reporters and others looking into transnational financial flows, corporate structures and other illicit activities of organized crime and global business?

Conferencia Regional del Periodismo de Investigación en Honduras (2014)

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Como el componente más importante de la Iniciativa Regional para el Periodismo de Investigación en las Américas, ICFJ en alianza con CONNECTAS y la Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH) se llevó a cabo la Conferencia Regional de Periodismo de Investigación, que se celebró en Tegucigalpa, Honduras los días 25-28 de septiembre de 2014.

Africa: Improving and Expanding Technology

Knight International Journalism Fellow Friedrich Lindenberg works with journalists and watchdog organizations to develop data resources and investigative tools.

Jun 132014

ICFJ Organizes “CodeCamp for the Globe” to Strengthen Citizen Voices Through Data

From May 19 through 30, 2014, ICFJ brought together experts from around the world to the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center in Italy to find ways to use data to advance quality journalism. Ben Colmery helped organize this key summit.

His report:

There is no question that open data is opening new doors to improve people’s lives. Initiatives by governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs and hacker groups have bolstered its potential by creating a flood of data and apps.

But what, of it all, has shown tangible success? What works, what doesn’t?