Pakistan: Driving citizen engagement and collaboration on open data

Knight International Journalism Fellow Rahma Muhammad Mian launched a series of flagship projects to spark data journalism and citizen engagement through open data in Pakistan. To foster a community of collaboration among journalists and technologists, she launched Hacks/Hackers Pakistan. She also held key events to kickstart data-driven projects, including Pakistan’s first data bootcamp in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Journalism and Code for Africa.

Sep 42014

Community engagement tips from Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party

In a world connected by social media, journalists can no longer serve up the news with the attitude that “we are the experts, and we’re going to give it to you in the format that suits us, in the way that suits us,” said community-building specialist Jeanne Brooks.

Instead, she said, a news organization should engage its audience and create its news and information products--whether those are articles, apps or even a radio station--in response to audience needs.

Aug 282014

Knight Fellow builds a team at Fusion to change how people interact with news

Once upon a time, storytelling may have been defined by the use of words, images or video.

But by using digital innovations such as games the Interactive Team at Fusion, a television and digital network, refuses to consider storytelling as creating content for mere consumption; the innovators want to change the way people interact with stories.

“As Fusion says, it’s all about the fusion,” said Mariana Santos, the interactive and animation director for the team.

Aug 272014

Project Supervised by ICFJ Knight Fellows Wins IAPA's 2014 Infographics Award

The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) gave a project guided by two ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellows its 2014 Infographics Award, citing its “high artistic and journalistic standards.”

The interactive media project 12 Hours That Changed Chile chronicles the violent 1973 military coup d’état that brought dictator Augusto Pinochet and his ruthless regime to power.

ICFJ Knight Fellows Miguel Paz and Mariana Santos advised the cre

Aug 42014

CJR: Knight Fellows are spurring entrepreneurship in Latin America

In a story on Latin America media innovation, Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) singled out several Knight International Journalism Fellows for blazing the path.

Media Factory, a project by Knight International Journalism Fellow Mariano Blejman, will provide funding and mentorship to promising digital projects in Latin America.

Jul 212014

Five data journalism projects win funding from Latin American startup accelerator HacksLabs

Five data-driven projects produced during the regional hackathon La Ruta de Dinero (The Money Trail) will receive support from HacksLabs, the first accelerator of data journalism projects in Latin America.

The projects focus on improving transparency and accountability in Colombia, Chile and Argentina. The regional hackathon, which I coordinated as part of my ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellowship, took place in 12 Latin American cities and one U.S. city.

Jul 32014

A Nightmare Turned Beautiful

Most of us have been through travel nightmares that over time have turned into fond memories. Maybe you were lost for hours while in a place where nobody spoke your language, but you ended up making great friends and learned how to live alone. This is what happened with me.

Jun 262014

Civic Patterns is Creating a Common Language For The Builders of News and Citizen engagement apps

While many in journalism are searching for ways to harness their readers' expertise and to use data to tell compelling stories, technologists and NGOs who build civic technologies around the world are asking some of the same questions. Organizations like the UK's MySociety, US-based Code for America, Code for South Africa or Fundacion Ciudadano Inteligente in Chile develop services that aim to improve interactions between government and citizens.

Jun 202014

Being A Fellow

It seemed to be an interesting possibility from the very beginning when I filed the application with the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan. I applied at the last moment of course, as would be expected of me, running off to the general post office in Islamabad and depositing the envelope in person just 10 minutes before the office shut down. Then, I got an interview call. It all seemed surreal, as if it was not happening to me at all.

The idea of going to the United States for the first time and to actually be able to work there for a broadcast media outlet would be no less than a dream for a workaholic like me. The U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism instantly became the highlight of my very happening and fast-developing life.

Jun 132014

ICFJ Organizes “CodeCamp for the Globe” to Strengthen Citizen Voices Through Data

From May 19 through 30, 2014, ICFJ brought together experts from around the world to the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center in Italy to find ways to use data to advance quality journalism. Ben Colmery helped organize this key summit.

His report:

There is no question that open data is opening new doors to improve people’s lives. Initiatives by governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs and hacker groups have bolstered its potential by creating a flood of data and apps.

But what, of it all, has shown tangible success? What works, what doesn’t?