Control Room Simulation in Fukushima

Belogolova and her interpreter at the Hamaoka nuclear power plant observing a control room simulation of what happened during the Fukushima nuclear accident. Courtesy of Olga Belogolova.

Outside Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant

Image courtesy of Olga Belogolova

Chris Benderev taken by Olga Belogolova

Image courtesy of Olga Belogolova

Chris Benderev interviewing children at a school in Fukushima

Benderev interviews children at a school in Fukushima Prefecture. Benederev's stories explored the social impact of the disaster. Courtesy of Olga Belogolova

Mar 252013

How to Create 'A Vibrant Space for Media Innovation'

We invited everyone who wanted to rethink journalism to our city’s first Hacks/Hackers event, and drew about 120 people.

Less than two years later, at 1,700 members strong (and growing), we’ve held more than 20 events and a Media Party with keynotes, workshops and a hackathon. Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires has become a vibrant space for media innovation. We believe many people in Latin America would benefit from participating in Hacks/Hackers, so I'm helping drive its expansion in the region as part of my Knight International Journalism Fellowship.

Mar 112013

How a Journalist and Technologist Collaborated to Improve Maps for News

In the current news environment, journalists and developers are increasingly calling upon and benefiting from one another's skills and expertise.

The nearly one-year-old InfoAmazonia is a product of such a partnership–and a testament to the power of collaboration.

2013 Knight Fellows

Four new Knight International Journalism Fellows will spread a culture of media innovation in Latin America. Left to right: Gustavo Faleiros, Mariana Santos, Miguel Paz, Mariano Blejman. Photo: Kaveh Sardari.

Brazil: Expand the Use of Satellite Mapping and Other Technologies to Improve Environmental Reporting

Knight International Journalism Fellow Gustavo Faleiros is building on the success of his 2012 Knight International Journalism Fellowship, when he launched a digital map that uses satellite feeds and other publicly available data to monitor the Amazon Basin region. He is expanding the map, called InfoAmazonia, to make it possible for news websites to easily generate and publish customized maps on the environment.

Feb 222013

How Making Maps is Evolving Online

Just 10 years ago, creating an interactive online map was complicated, if not impossible, for most Web users. Now, journalists can design attractive maps in the cloud and publish them in minutes.

And in recent years, the news industry has seen exciting opportunities for Web-based maps beyond Google. The two-year-old company MapBox is an important driver of this development.

A product of the Washington-based company Development Seed, MapBox gives newsrooms and bloggers the ability to control how maps look and what data appears on these maps.