Feb 232012

A Profile of Pakistan: Travails and Hopes

It was an extraordinary trip to Pakistan – a whirlwind two weeks filled with dozens upon dozens of meetings – meetings with government officials, news executives, journalists, NGOs and even an artist or two. We were wined, dined, gifted and feted. We were welcomed extravagantly, generously, sometimes lovingly. We made business contacts and we made friends. We saw amazing sights – from the ancient ruins at Taxila and extraordinary art to security checkpoints and blockades.

We learned that Pakistan is a complicated, feudal society.

Feb 82012

Lancement D’une Plate-forme en Ligne Pour Des Blogueurs Qui Couvrent L’élection Présidentielle au Sénégal

ICFJ et le Centre d’études des Sciences et Techniques de l'information (CESTI) ont lancé une plate-forme d’information en ligne pour les blogueurs sénégalais qui couvrent la campagne électorale et l’élection présidentielle au Sénégal. La plate-forme est hébergée par le site du CESTI et vise à créer un espace permettant aux blogueurs de diffuser et de partager leurs articles sur la campagne électorale qui a débuté le 5 février et qui se termine par l'élection présidentielle dont le premier tour est prévu le 26 février.

Feb 82012

ICFJ and CESTI Launch Online Bloggers Platform During Senegal's Presidential Election Season

ICFJ and the Center for Sciences et Information Techniques (CESTI) have launched an online news platform for bloggers during Senegal’s national election season. The platform is hosted on the CESTI website and is aimed at creating a space for bloggers to report and share their stories on the election campaign, which began on February 5 and culminates with the presidential election on February 26. The platform is a result of a bloggers’ workshop organized by ICFJ and CESTI on November 10-11, 2011.

Nov 142011

Colombia Elections Are "Mostly Clean," Despite Violence

The end of October and the beginning of November were monumental times in Colombia. New mayors and governors were elected in a mostly fair and mostly clean vote on Oct. 30. A former guerrilla was elected mayor of Bogota. In pockets around the country, some violent protests erupted, sparked by allegations of fraud and vote tampering. And if that wasn’t enough for a news-filled week, late on Nov. 4, the Colombian military announced it had killed Alfonso Cano, top commander of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces or FARC.

Colombia Social Media Editor Renata Cabrales

When the death of Alfonso Cano was announced on Nov. 4, my dinner with Social Media Editor Renata Cabrales went bust.

Election Observer Mission headquarters in Bogota

At Election Observer Mission headquarters in Bogota on Election Day.

Election Day in Bogota-citizens

Election Day in Bogota. Citizens look for their voting table.

Colombia political debate-tweeting it out

Natalie Gomez of El Tiempo's social media team sends out updates about the Oct. 27 debate between the top three candidates for mayor of Bogota.

Monrovia Map

In the western part of the country, Monrovia is wedged between the northern and central borders of Liberia.

Map of Liberia

Liberia, on the western coast of Africa, is divided into northern, central and southern sections.