South Africa: Create Multimedia Health Coverage

In South Africa, where AIDS and tuberculosis continue to cripple the population, Knight Health Journalism Fellow Brenda Wilson expanded multimedia health coverage at the country’s largest broadcaster, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). She dramatically increased coverage of health from its network of provincial bureaus.

Jul 182011

The First-Ever Mental Health Training for Journalists in Ethiopia

Ferew Abebe is an Editor-In-Chief with Sendek, a weekly Amharic newspaper. He’s been covering health for years, but not mental health. He says mental health isn’t a readable topic, since it doesn’t affect the majority of the public. But data from the World Health Organization shows 15-percent of the adults here and 11-percent of children have mental disorders.

Jul 122011

Top Journalists Help Identify Challenges with Health Reporting in Developing Countries

When I was invited in June to take part in an international discussion about health issues for senior-level women journalists from developing African countries, I jumped at the chance. I was eager to hear from participants about the challenges they have faced as health editors, reporters and producers for influential media organizations.

Bringing Home the World: International Reporting Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists

The Bringing Home the World Fellowship helps U.S.-based minority journalists cover compelling yet under-reported international stories, increasing the diversity of voices in global news. The program helps level the playing field and redress the inequality minority journalists often face by giving them the opportunity to report from overseas and advance their careers.

In previous years, fellows have produced 179 stories, enriching their communities with new perspectives on global issues.

Ethiopia: Launch the Country's First Health Journalists' Association

Elsabet Samuel Tadesse is a Knight Health Journalism Fellow who has led the creation of Ethiopia's first health journalists' association, the Addis Ababa Health Journalists' Initiative. She also launched a half-hour health show called “Tenachin” (Our Health) on Ethiopia’s national television network. The show, which airs every two weeks on the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA), educates the public on key topics such as tuberculosis, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, and health extension services.

May 122011

In Ethiopia, a New Health Program Brings Hope to a Farmer with TB

It has been almost two months now since I was assigned to the Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia as a Knight International Health Journalism Fellow to help improve the quality and quantity of health radio and television shows produced by the ministry. The shows are transmitted on the national broadcaster, Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency.

Indonesia: Launch a Mobile Environmental News Service for Rural Communities

Harry Surjadi recruited and trained more than 150 citizen journalists living in the most-remote areas of Borneo to send news reports via text messaging using the FrontlineSMS system to Ruai TV, a station in the provincial capital. The service also allows subscribers from mainstream media, the government, and activist organizations to receive the news reports.

Dec 102010

New Investigative Team Reports on Why Housing Funds Fail to Help Haiti’s Neediest

It’s been nearly a year since Léogâne, Haiti, just fifteen miles from the epicenter of January’s earthquake, was reduced to rubble. Non-governmental organizations have pledged the funds to build more than 28,000 transitional shelters for local residents, but so far only a fraction of them have actually been constructed. Thousands of residents are still stranded in makeshift tent camps.

This month, a team of investigative reporters I’m training managed to expose, in a front-page report in Haiti’s only daily newspaper, some of the reasons for the delays.

Bolivia: Use the Web to Strengthen Community Radio

Knight International created an Internet platform for community radio stations in Bolivia to share programming with one another--and ultimately with major news outlets in the capital.

Middle East: Start Up Investigative Reporting Teams at Major News Outlets

At a pivotal time for the Middle East, Knight International Journalism Fellow Amr El-Kahky is launching teams of investigative reporters at news organizations across the region. His efforts have helped journalists gain more access to government documents than ever before, particularly in Jordan and the West Bank. His investigative unit in Jordan uncovered a vote-buying scheme ahead of the November 2010 parliamentary elections. Jordanian reporters also tackled the issue of childhood alcohol addiction—a controversial topic never covered in the past.