Nov 42011

New Mashable Platform to Showcase Content From the International Journalists’ Network

The International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) will reach more users than ever through a new venture with Mashable, a leading source for digital news and culture. IJNet is a launch partner in the new Mashable Publisher Platform, which will bring the best content from select publishers directly to Mashable’s community.

Nov 22011

ICFJ now accepting applications for 2012 International Reporting Fellowship Program

For a second year, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) will offer the “Bringing Home the World: International Reporting Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists.”

Through this fellowship, journalists of color gain foreign reporting experience and an opportunity to cover important international issues that resonate with their communities.

Applicants must present a project proposal in their application, detailing the reporting project they would be interested in pursuing.

The deadline for submitting applications is Monday January 16, 2012.

Oct 312011

AT&T-Funded Course To Empower Brazilian Journalists

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is now receiving applications for a new AT&T-funded online course on public service journalism. The course will teach 40 Brazilian journalists how to use digital tools to produce multimedia projects on critical public interest issues affecting impoverished communities.

The five-week online course called “Digital Tools for Effective Public Service Journalism” is scheduled to start February 27, 2012.

Oct 42011

India's World Media Academy Students Master the Skills of Journalism Past, Present and Future

When I work with my class of 18 aspiring journalists at World Media Academy, Delhi, I am reminded that students are the heart of a school.

India: World Media Academy

Students at the World Media Academy learn both the basic skills of journalism and the technical multimedia skills they will need to do their jobs in the future.

How does one television network with limited resources cover election issues in a country like Peru, spanning 500,000 square miles? With the help of Knight Fellow Hena Cuevas.

Lebanon: New TV Programs Focus on Social Problems in Middle East

Working with teams of broadcast journalists from major news networks in Jordan and Lebanon, Knight International created "Arab House," a series of news documentaries. The shows focused on social issues such as access to clean water and good health care. Knight Fellow Mariam Sami helped these journalists identify compelling topics and produce in-depth reports that were widely broadcast.


  • Four half-hour documentaries on the arts, education, health and the environment aired on local and satellite TV around the world.

Colombia: Use Crowd Sourcing Technology to Track Crime and Corruption

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ronnie Lovler helped El Tiempo, Colombia’s largest newspaper, develop a website that uses citizen reports to map crime in the capital city of Bogota. Modeled after a similar Fellowship project in Panama, citizens and citizen journalists post information on the map. Lovler trained El Tiempo journalists to use the map to identify trends and produce investigative stories about crime and violence.

Knight Fellow Ronnie Lovler helped journalists in Colombia to use crowd sourcing technology to cover 2011 elections and the issues that mattered most to citizens.