Founding member of the International Association of Religion Journalists Rachel Kohn talks about the importance of connecting journalists across borders.

Founding member of the International Association of Religion Journalists (IARJ) Indeewari Dona of Sri Lanka's ART Television talks about the role religion has played in her country's conflicts and how quality religion reporting can help ease tensions.

Jun 112012

South Asian Journalists Learn to Cover Climate Change Using Multimedia

During a new regional training initiative, South Asian journalists from six countries created iPod Touch videos of farmers in southern Sri Lanka, where rising sea levels have increased salinity in fields and changes in rainfall patterns have disrupted the rice-planting season.

Climate changes have contributed to the farmer’s loss of income – but so have the drainage channels they dug initially to drain the fields, which now bring in seawater.

Frank Nyakairu, a winner of the Knight International Journalism Award for his investigative reporting on Joseph Kony, gives his take on Invisible Children's KONY 2012 campaign.

Mar 262012

Journalists Launch First Global Religion Reporting Association

Nestled in the inspirational scenery of the Bellagio Conference Center on Lake Como in Italy, more than 30 journalists from six continents crafted and launched last week the world’s first global association of journalists who cover religion and spirituality.

Feb 232012

Debating the Values of U.S. and Pakistani Media

I never saw this trip to Pakistan with the International Center for Journalists as a one-time event, a go-and-come-home gig, something that was good for creating fodder for speaking engagements around Tallahassee and not much more.

I’m not much of a sightseer for the purpose of just seeing sights, either.

Feb 232012

A Profile of Pakistan: Travails and Hopes

It was an extraordinary trip to Pakistan – a whirlwind two weeks filled with dozens upon dozens of meetings – meetings with government officials, news executives, journalists, NGOs and even an artist or two. We were wined, dined, gifted and feted. We were welcomed extravagantly, generously, sometimes lovingly. We made business contacts and we made friends. We saw amazing sights – from the ancient ruins at Taxila and extraordinary art to security checkpoints and blockades.

We learned that Pakistan is a complicated, feudal society.

Feb 92012

"The Stakes are Higher for Pakistani Journalists"

I and eight other American journalists have just returned from 12 days in Pakistan under the auspices of ICFJ’s U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism program.