Citizen Journalism Discussed at ICFJ Seminar in Egypt

Oct 182010

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) recently held a seminar in Cairo, Egypt where panelists from prominent Egyptian online publications provided the audience with their experiences on the role of citizen journalism in Egypt.

Held at the at the headquarters of IslamOnline, an Islamic news Web site that provides services to Muslims and non-Muslims in several languages, the list of panelists included editors from Youm Sabi, IslamOnline and Al Masry Al Youm news Web sites.

“The Internet has added three main elements to the media landscape: communication, belonging and dialogue,” said Fathi Abu Hatab, managing editor at IslamOnline. “These elements have affected the media content in general and the dialogue between the reader and the news creator has widened more than before.”

Akram Al Qassas, Editor-in-Chief of Youm Sabi electronic newspaper discussed how it has become difficult these days to verify the information they receive from unknown Internet users.

“Verifying information is the biggest issue the journalist deals with when dealing with any citizen who provides the information related to a specific issue,” said Al Qassas. He added that even though the information is distributed fast, the journalist must verify it before publishing it.

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