Digital Tools for Community Radio Journalists in the Americas

Oct 242010

As part of the Escucha! Taking Community Radio Digital in the Americas program, ICFJ will offer two online courses in Spanish to train community radio journalists from Latin America and from Hispanic media in the US. The courses, each for 25 journalists, will incorporate the materials covered during the conference, which will extend the benefits of that training to a multitude of journalists who did not attend.

During the course, participants will: Learn how to turn your community radio stations into Media Centers, using new media tools.
Learn new techniques to better inform and engage their local audience.
Start news blogs, create text message news reports, form podcasts, and learn how to share important and interesting audio through an online system.

This course will also help radio stations learn how to create citizen journalists who can help gather and share important stories and information. Whether your community members are online, or rely on their old battery powered radio, they will all benefit from your participation in this course.