GBJ Student’s Interview with Nobel Prize Laureate Featured on China's National TV Program

Sep 232010

Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Robert Mundell with GBJ student Jackie (Zijia) Bi

On June 10, an interview with Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Robert Mundell by Jackie (Zijia) Bi, a MA student in the GBJ program at Tsinghua University, was featured in Economics 30 Minutes, a respected business TV news magazine program on CCTV-2, an economy focused channel of China’s national TV network.

Mundell won the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work in laying the ground for the introduction of the euro. He has been teaching economics at Columbia University since 1975, and has held Columbia's highest academic rank - University Professor since 2001. During the half-an-hour interview, he answered five questions raised by Jackie on the macro-economic figures released by China in May. He also offered his recommendations for China's future monetary policy. In early April, Jackie did her first face-to-face interview with Professor Mundell while an intern at Economics 30 Minutes of CCTV-2. That interview on the euro's history, current situation and future challenges led to a 45-minute-long TV program, which became one part in a four-story news series on Economics 30 Minutes titled New Currency War.

Jackie is excited about such life experience that connects her closely to the world and some key historic events and figures. She attributes all her progress to her dedicated professors, the GBJ faculty. "Thank you very much, my professors. I found what I have learnt in your class really helpful!" She wrote, "Look, I could independently make my own economic news program now, and I owe all my progress to your excellent teaching.” As an outstanding student in the GBJ program, she has also won an internship with UNAIDS in Geneva this summer.