Host Publications Share Their Experiences

Sep 272010

"The Inquirer has hosted many foreign journalists over the years but Lisa Helmreich was the first to join our online desk -- and she exceeded our expectations with her ability to quickly jump on a breaking news story and produce a sophisticated and in-depth report.

During her all too brief stay here at the Inquirer Lisa was a welcome addition to the newsroom’s morning online operation. Not too many journalists would embrace a work shift that starts before 7 a.m. -- but Lisa arrived with enthusiasm and the versatility to report any type of news story.

Within the first weeks of her fellowship in Philadelphia, Lisa produced within an hour of her assignments breaking news stories for the web on a variety of topics: a vicious and unprovoked hammer attack in the city’s subway system, how Pennsylvanians coped the first day of a new statewide smoking ban and how thousands grieved at the funeral for a slain female police officer. She also deftly handled smaller assignments -- a drowning, a baby left at a firehouse, a serial bank robber.

She skillfully analyzed each news situation and knew the right questions to ask to develop a story.

Lisa was energetic, inquisitive and enterprising. In addition to reporting breaking news stories for the Inquirer she also juggled thoughtful enterprise stories on Austria’s new ambassador (a Philadelphia native) and the U.S. tour of the Vienna Boys Choir. She did this while also crafting articles for her Austrian newspaper - reporting on the U.S. presidential race, Philadelphia’s Liberty Medal winner and Hershey’s chocolate spa.

Lisa had a very successful and productive fellowship at the Inquirer. It was a pleasure to work with her over the past five weeks."

Julie Busby commenting on Lisa Helmreich, 2008 Fellow
Morning Online Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer

"I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are to have Sigrid with us. She's a fine journalist, and has made many contributions to the paper, including two nice op-ed page pieces that were really a bonus for us.

Moreover, she's very nice and easy to work with. I think she's happy with her living arrangements too. She spent two weeks on our metro desk, and this week is working with our features staff. Thanks for sending her our way."

-- Dave Warner commenting on Sigrid Brandstaetter, 2008 Fellow
Editor, The Advocate/Greenwich Time