Hillary Clinton's Remarks & Video

I am honored to join you in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the International Center for Journalists and the work of journalists you support in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Too often the most grave injustices and most urgent humanitarian crisis happen out of sight. Well, tonight's award winners have helped to shine a spotlight on situations that demand action from all of us. And in doing so, they have helped to make our world a better, safer and more equitable place.

For more than 40 years, Sy Hersh has been uncovering the stories we all need to know. From his reporting of the My Lai massacre to his coverage of U.S. policy in the Middle East. His reporting compels us to ask tough but necessary questions about our responsibility to other people and nations.

Chouchou Namegabe Nabintu, a courageous radio journalist who I met in August, has broken the silence on sexual and gender based violence used as a tool of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and we need to make sure her voice is heard.

And 28-year-old reporter Cao Junwu has encouraged other young people to think critically about the role of government and engage in the work of civil society.

So this organization is critical to ensuring the integrity of democratic societies around the globe. The world is counting on you to keep up your good work in the years to come, and so am I.

Thank you all very much.