Iran 360˚ Conference: Exploring Politics, Economics and Society in a Global Hot Spot

A two-day conference was held in the Airlie Conference Center in Virginia for more than 20 invited American journalists from print, radio, television and online media throughout the country. Iran experts were invited to share their views via panel discussions, speeches and Q&A sessions. The conference was divided into three modules - social, economic, and political.

Sessions included essential topics that were led by renowned journalists, professors and bloggers alike, such as Deborah Campbell, Farideh Farhi, and Nikahang Kowsar, respectively. To see a complete list of speakers, along with photos and biographies for each, see below.

Following welcoming remarks by ICFJ's president Joyce Barnathan, the first session began, led by Afshin Molavi, who explored the nexus between Iranian politics, society and culture with fellow participants in his session entitled "The Soul of Iran." The second session, "Why They Want Nukes", was conducted by Farhi, who discussed how the Islamic regime shapes Iranian pubilc opinion. The third session, "The Iranian Political Pyramid", explored Iran’s numerous and complex power centers. This session was led by various speakers. "Smashing Stereotypes" served as the final session for the two-day Conference. This fourth and final session was led by James Breckenridge, PhD, among others, during which the issues of how unconscious biases affect perceptions, and how this influences media coverage of Iran were explored.

To view the final report homepage from the Iran 360˚ Conference, click here.