Argentine Hackathon Helps Journalists Tackle Data Visualization

Apr 192012

Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli participated in a "Hackathon," bringing Argentine tech developers and media organizations together in an effort to help journalists stay on top of communication technologies. The goal of this first session? Creating applications to display chronologies of social issues and events.

Sandra writes, "When we think about data, usually we do it in quantitative terms; but there is another category of data -- qualitative data (photos, videos, URLs, text) -- that can be viewed best if organized by what's commonly referred to as a 'timeline.'"

One example of how this new technology can be used came from La Nacion, her partner on the project. The NACION data team is helping to design an online tool that posts real-time updates of ongoing court cases. The group is using the 10 year-old kidnapping case of a woman named Marita Veron as a model for the use of timelines.

Other projects covered during the Hackathon included a data mining program to visualize the events of the last military dictatorship and an interactive documentary on the 1982 Falklands War between Argentina and England.