The International Journalists’ Network Debuts a Redesigned, Responsive Site

Oct 152014

The International Journalists’ Network site,, has a fresh coat of paint.

After surveying readers on their preferences and launching an extensive redesign process, the site staff unveiled its new look in late September 2014.

The website, which is a sister site to, showcases the latest media and tech news, as well as training and professional opportunities for journalists around the world. It is published in seven languages.

The key new features are:

  • a responsive design, which will allow journalists searching for the latest news and opportunities to browse on the go via mobile, tablet or laptop;

  • the launch of the Knight International Media Innovators blog. In this new section, ICFJ Knight Fellows will blog about their projects and share the latest in their field of expertise;

  • a cleaner homepage design as well as internal pages, which will help users navigate the site with more ease;

  • a revamp of the back end and an upgrade to Drupal 7, which will improve the site functionality and make it easier for writers and contributors to work on the site;

  • prominent author profiles featured alongside each post, showcasing the diverse makeup of IJNet’s contributors.

“Our most recent redesign was in 2010,” said IJNet Managing Editor Margaret Looney. “It was time to give IJNet a fresh coat of paint and add more user-friendly features, while sticking to our main mission - keeping international journalists up to date on the latest media trends, resources and training opportunities.”

Here's what people are saying about the redesign on Twitter:

Homepage slideshow image: CC-licensed, thanks to Alexander Rentsch on Flickr.