New Book Tells How Media Activism is Changing the World

Oct 82013

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the media have played an increasingly vital role in transforming societies. Now, a new book explains how technology is further revolutionizing the way citizens and journalists access and share information.

In Citizens Rising: Independent Journalism and the Spread of Democracy, Internews Founder David Hoffman makes the case that media activists, armed with cell phones and other devices, are poised as never before to influence their environment, from reducing conflict to improving governance.

“The shift from media controlled by a few, to media owned by all of us portends a revolution as great as that which followed the invention of the printing press,” says Hoffman.

Hoffman focuses on major transformations in the field of media development, in which ICFJ is a major player. From citizen journalism to mobile news services, he identifies the trends that are redefining the media industry in an era of “information democracy.”

NBC News chief foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell calls the book “a riveting, exhilarating exploration of how new media and old are changing the world.”

Watch Hoffman discuss his new book here.