Skype from Peru: Knight Fellow Describes Presidential Election Coverage

Apr 212011
  • Knight International Journalism Fellow Hena Cuevas discusses Peru's most recent general election in a Skype interview from Lima.

  • Knight Fellow Hena Cuevas, in a Skype interview from Peru, discusses how provincial TV stations were able to contribute stories to a national news program. It was a new feature that was part of the Knight Fellowship efforts to improve political coverage in the country.

In August 2010, Knight International Journalism Fellow Hena Cuevas began working to launch Peru’s first broadcast journalism training network for Enlace Nacional, a news program on Red TV that features reports from stations around the country. Presidential elections were then less than a year away. When the general election was held in April 2011, the results of the training were obvious. Enlace Nacional had taken significant steps to improve its political coverage, offering in-depth analysis of campaign issues and a comparison of where candidates stood.

Listen to Hena discuss, via Skype, the election coverage and plans for the runoff in June.

One feature that distinguished Enlace Nacional from other networks covering the elections was a focus on reports from outlying provinces that often were left out of the Lima-focused national news. Many in the capital were surprised by the election results. But Peruvians who watched Enlace Nacional understood the results because the program had reported on the strong support for the top two vote getters outside the capital.

Here, via Skype, Hena discusses news coverage from Peru’s provincial districts and how Enlace Nacional managed – for the first time – to include such reports in its live coverage.